Women should work for their money, not depend on men — Didi Ekanem

Actress Didi Ekanem advised women to work for their money rather than depending on a man.

In an interview with Sunday spoon, she says, “It is important for a woman to work for her money. It is useless for a woman to depend on a man for money. I don’t know how to ask favors and I refuse to ask men for money. I am happy that my money supports me. It helped me to live within my means.

On how she recovered from the shock of her house burning down late last year, Ekanem said: “It all comes down to the need to work hard and earn money. Some people asked me why I cried and posted pictures (of the burnt house) on Instagram. They said I was looking for influence. But, a week later, I got a new apartment, and some people started talking again. I then said to myself: “My house burned down, not my account balance”. It was easy for me to get by because I had savings.

The actress also said she creates fun content on social media to get people to see a different side of her. She said, “I love creating videos because I’m a really funny person ‘when I’m inside.’ I just felt like my fans needed to see my funny side. I can be really serious. with work but there is another side of me that is very funny.

Speaking about his other interests outside of acting, Ekanem said, “I just opened a store and I’m working on my new collection. I also started a food business. These are things that I have always loved. I like to cook and feed people. We are in the age of social media where people can easily monetize their passion. Becoming a fashion designer is not something I had always thought of. I needed to earn some extra money for myself. Everything you see me doing is because I have a passion for it. I got into styling because it’s something I love to do. It was not easy because I had to go to school to learn the basics and better understand what it takes to become a fashion designer.

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