Women order the explosive season of La Casa De Papel on Netflix

A year is a long time, long enough for a dreaded pandemic to spawn devastating variations and for regimes to rise and fall. In the world of Money Heist, however, time has not only slowed down, it seems to have stood still. The bullets fired in season 4 of the Spanish series will finally find their marks now. But the Netflix show more than makes up for the wait by teaching a lesson in shock and awe. Money Heist doesn’t pull back the curtains with its final season as much as it drops a pretty heavy grenade and burns the whole thing. The sexy gang in red jump straight into the action and don’t let it down. You better get ready for the ride as they won’t make your job any easier. It’s full throttle, baby.

The first episode takes off immediately after Lisbon enters the Bank of Spain, and Inspector Alicia Sierra grabs The Professor from her hiding place.

The gang are still in shock over the loss of one of their closest and best, Nairobi, and should the news of Alicia’s torture of the professor break their minds? Only these guys have been well trained and want revenge.

While the first two episodes don’t tell us much about Alicia’s actual (one can only guess) motive coming after the Master Planner, we do expect some big reveals in the future. The fact that women get a bigger pie on the show is already well established. Lisbon or “Ms. Professor” is now taking the lead. In fact, after watching the first episodes of the show, I only remember its wives – Lisbon, Tokyo, Stockholm, Manila, and certainly Alicia Sierra.

The Money Heist 5 teaser and trailer already hinted at an action-packed season. (Photo: Netflix)

Another thing to mention is the way they cut the starting episodes. We’ve seen a lot of his footage in the trailers and BTS before, just that we never knew who their first group of enemies would be and how the new characters – the son of Berlin. Rafael, Sagasta who leads the attacking army and the late Tokyo boyfriend Rein will fit into the story. Although the way these new faces were presented suggests that they will add a lot of dimension to the show.

Some characters encounter a hail of bullets, some lose patience, some even discover their vulnerable side. You also find the gang more professional, confident and solid as they walk around their guns. Talk about experience? But I would say he’s a frustrated Colonel Tamayo and a desperate one Arturo who get brownie points here for being so good with their coins.

Money Heist is known to rely heavily on flashbacks, time jumps, and character stories. His season five is no different. In almost an hour and a half, I saw, it’s fast, heart pounding and unpredictable. If its remaining episodes manage to keep the same pace, Money Heist 5 will be the most explosive season of the series.

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