To prevail over AAP insurance, Sidhu promises Rs 2k to housewives, 8 bottles of LPG

AMID a rush to woo voters ahead of the 2022 State Assembly polls, the Punjab’s congressional leader attempted to secure a lead over PAA leader Arvind Kejriwal as he ‘he would promise 2,000 rupees a month to housewives if his party came back to power. Sidhu also promised eight bottles of free cooking gas to housewives each year.

The head of the State Congress has also provided two-wheelers to girls admitted to colleges to continue their studies, Rs 20,000 to those who pass class 12, Rs 15,000 to those who pass class 10 and Rs 5,000 to those passing grade 5. The pledges included a digital tablet. for girls in class 11, a Scooty EV and a scholarship for students and interest-free loans for girls pursuing graduate / doctoral studies.

He also said there was no registration, stamp duty and court fees for land registered in the name of women.

Sidhu’s promises go beyond assurances before the A Kejriwal survey for women in Punjab.

Interestingly, Sidhu made his announcement on Monday, a day after the party’s campaign committee discussed whether the AAP’s 1,000 rupee pledge was receiving huge traction. During the meeting, Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi asked party colleagues for 24 hours to settle the finances.

Channi spent a few hours discussing the issue with Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal until midnight Sunday. Before the duo could make a decision, Sidhu went ahead and made the announcement to Bhadaur on Monday.

Sidhu had other gifts reserved for women as part of his Punjab model which he pushed to Bhadaur.

He announced that 33 percent of all employment cards under the Punjab Urban Employment Guarantee Mission would be reserved for women and that all women working as farm laborers on small farms would be paid in the city. part of the MNREGA. In addition, special female commando battalions for the safety of women will be set up in every village and town in Punjab, he promised.

The head of the PPCC said that every woman who wants to start her own home business or in a large-scale industry will get an interest-free and unsecured loan of up to Rs 2-16 lakh, with a separate ease of doing business an government window for women in startups. . He also pledged to create 28 skills development centers for women across the state.

Addressing the rally, Sidhu made the pledges while stressing the need to empower women in the state.

Sidhu’s announcements made the Congressional government dizzy. Cabinet Minister Rana Gurjeet Singh took on the PPCC chief and said he continued to make promises even before the manifesto was announced.

A few wondered how the government would pay not only 24,000 crore rupees as honoraria to women each year, but also for eight cylinders to each household. There are approximately 56 Lakh households in the state. Sidhu announced that the women’s empowerment program would be funded through alcohol taxes.

The head of the campaign committee, Sunil Jakhar, also hit back at Sidhu, saying: “The increase in excise duty collections appears to be the basis of the pledges made by all parties. While that wasn’t as absurd as it sounds, any business model that has to be primarily fueled by the sale of alcohol is not what the Punjab deserves. If ‘chitta’ has been the bane, then alcohol is not an elixir to be propagated! Please don’t lead the young people astray. Hard work, blood, toil, tears and sweat have always been the Punjabi way to progress and prosper, ”Jakhar said in a statement.

Sources told The Indian Express that at Sunday’s campaign committee meeting chaired by its chairman Sunil Kumar Jakhar, leaders discussed that the government’s cheaper power was helping Congress.

Then it was also raised that the promise of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal that every woman in the Punjab would receive 1000 rupees per month if the AAP was elected to office attracted women to the state.

Following this, a few leaders told the CM, which was also part of the meeting, that the government should pay Rs 3,000 at the rate of Rs 1,000 per month to each woman’s account for Channi’s 100-day rule and failure and checkmate AAP.

“It was also discussed that the freebie would cost the state Rs 12,000 crore per year and Rs 3,000 crore would be needed to pay women during three months of Channi’s rule. Some leaders have suggested that the government buy an empty LPG cylinder so that they remember Congress every time they use it. At that, Channi reportedly said he should discuss it with the finance ministry, as there are around 1.20 crore female voters in the state, sources said.

“In addition, it was raised that even if the government made the funds available, the state would not have the data of all women’s accounts. As the campaign committee mulled over the issue, the CM told leaders it would take 24 hours to think it over after collecting contributions from the finance department. Before Channi could announce it, Sidhu went ahead and promised 2,000 rupees a month for the women. He also went so far as to promise eight cylinders for each household in a year, ”a source said.

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