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In this week’s SportsMoney Playbook: Record wins for female athlete, Nascar’s Apache helicopters, and the $ 500 million MLB battle. More: A promotion in Philadelphia crowns a series of hires of important women in the NFL.


Naomi Osakathe sponsors are by her side after her French internationals Withdrawal. This kind of connection helps explain how she made an incredible $ 60 million in 12 months according to our estimate, breaking a female athlete’s record of over $ 25 million.

After completing sales training at Harvard and the addition of sponsorship agreements with Jaguar and Nivea, double Grand Slam champion Garbiñe Muguruza says she’s matured enough to see life beyond the tennis court.

University sport

As our Lady unveils series of digital billboards showcasing its football players and their potential NIL, varsity sports lawyer says effort could violate Title IX.

Senators Chris Murphy and Bernie sanders proposed a bill that would recognize college athletes as employees who can unionize and allow them to bargain collectively with their colleges and between conferences.


the Eagles have made a historic front-office promotion, by hiring Catherine Raîche as vice president of football operations. It’s just the last victory for women in football.

The inauguration HBCU Reconnaissance Combine Harvester, originally scheduled for last year in Miami, will instead be held in January in Mobile, Alabama, giving NFL Draft hopes a chance to show off their talent in a state that’s home to more HBCU football programs than any other.


A trial of a 15-year-old football phenomenon Olivia Moultrie has the potential to reshape the landscape of women’s sport. If she wins, the NWSL, as well as other leagues such as the WNBA, could be banned from applying the rules against players under 18 who turn pro.


Marlins DG Kim Ng, a member of Forbes’ inaugural class 50 Over 50 years, took a “long and arduous” path to become the first woman to lead a MLB club. “At the end of the day, it’s hard to lose hope in your dreams,” she tells us.

With the expiration of the collective agreement on December 1, a tense battle unfolds between Major League Baseball and its players union. The latest salvo: A $ 500 million union grievance alleging that MLB acted in bad faith when determining how many games to play for the 2020 season.


With recent sales of Connecticut whale and the Metropolitan riveters, the NWHL is getting closer to its goal of having all of its franchises privately owned. Only problem: an entity has collected three clubs.

Featured story

Better seats for long-suffering Apache helicopter crews could come from a NASCAR team

Nascar’s most famous team, Hendrick Motorsports, is working with the military to improve the seats of its AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, bringing racing-derived expertise to the cockpit. “They’ve been very receptive to pilot feedback and understand where the concerns lie and how to design for those issues,” says an Apache project manager. Learn more about how Nascar takes off.

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After further examination

While a run to the Champions League final is a notable achievement, Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour has something else to be proud of: his investment in the club. The Emirati politician and member of the Abu Dhabi royal family bought Man City 13 years ago in a $ 212 million takeover and has paid $ 1.8 billion since. In the meantime, the club’s value has skyrocketed to $ 4 billion. Find out where Man City ranks among the world’s most valuable soccer teams.

The last word

“He doesn’t think of money as a carrot for him. This is the result of the hard work he put in there. – Joe Harris Sr.

Nets goalie Joe Harris has an NBA championship on the horizon, but the past 18 months have been tough: his mother was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and his maternal grandmother died. The experience gave him a new perspective on life and career while strengthening his willingness to work hard to achieve NBA glory. Learn more about Harris’ journey.

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