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Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for a good set of biceps. There is nothing more, perhaps titillating is the apt word for this middle aged woman, than placing a hand lightly on someone’s arm and feeling something hard. I apologize in advance if this is how I inadvertently greet you the next time we meet. I have noticed that I have become kind of touching, given that those fleeting moments are sometimes the only physical contact I get all week. But I digress. Back to the biceps. Oh William, my future king. Has anyone seen the photo of our prince getting vaccinated against Covid? He recently posted it on their official Instagram account and maybe it was just good lighting, or Will was flexing, or both, but he was sporting a really nice right arm. It rocked hearts on social media … and all that on top of being voted the sexiest bald man in the world, beating Jason Statham, Dwyane “The Rock” Johnston and Bruce Willis. When did this transformation of William begin? I dare suggest that it has something to do with the decline of little brother Harry. William always used whatever was a bit, well, is wimpy the right word? He was always very decent and upright as Harry walked around Afghanistan and at parties in London with a gorgeous young blonde. But since he’s been with Meghan – don’t get me started – Harry just lost that spark. It was enough to look at the pictures of him humming, arms crossed, doing his retreatment therapy, to know which brother was lighting the most fires, so to speak. Look, I’m sorry for Harry, really. Who knows what the poor bastard is going through, but enough already. If you want privacy, delete Oprah’s number from your phone and continue. Just roll up your sleeves and show us some biceps and get on with it. But this is not a story about the royal brothers. It’s a discussion of what makes someone “look” like a leader. By all reports, the British press is delighted that William is starting to look more like a king. Strong, capable, just a little sexy, like a man in charge, at the royal court, and maybe even in other smaller, more intimate rooms of the palace. I started to think about the Australian leaders who fit this bill. It was a lot of work. So I turned to my knowledgeable friends on both sides of the political spectrum. I thought it was important. Does allegiance to a political party automatically make its side more attractive? It was a bit sad that while Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy were mentioned once or twice, the only Australian politicians on the list were Andrew Fisher (who served three times between 1908 and 1915, he died in 1928) and Chris Watson (who was PM in 1904, died in 1941). A quick Google of their faces proved my friends were right. I may have to go back to the Museum of Australian Democracy’s Onetoeight: Australian Prime Ministers in a Different Mindset exhibit. Spunks them both. The only two recent PMs to get a mention were Paul Keating and Bob Hawke. Although he didn’t do anything for me, I can see how attractive Keating’s very being would be to some women. There was a confident arrogance completely backed up by a firm belief in his intelligence. And he wore nice suits. Hawkey I get completely. The cheek, the magnetism, the hair. He was sexy when he was with Hazel, he was sexy when he was with Blanche, he was even sexy, and maybe a little bit naughty, with Annabel Crabb when she interviewed him for Kitchen Cabinet’s fourth series in 2014. this barramundi. But maybe Hawke was the sexiest of all our prime ministers because he genuinely cared about women. When he came to power in 1983, his party’s agenda included the most detailed set of commitments to Australian women ever developed. At that time, it was not illegal to dismiss women who got married or became pregnant, or simply because they were women. Maternity leave was scarce, women could not get a home loan, few women entered higher education. Under Hawke’s leadership, the 1984 Gender Discrimination Act was passed; child support payments for fathers who had left the family were guaranteed; Indigenous, migrant, disabled and elderly women have been taken care of through various reforms. Susan Ryan became the first woman in a federal Labor government and Mary Gaudron became the first female High Court judge. Hawkey was sexy because he listened to women and he seemed to really care about them. There is nothing sexier than a man who loves women. And that’s why there are no current politicians on this list.


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