Rob Natelson commemorates Constitution Day with reflections

Constitution expert Rob Natelson of the Independence Institute in Denver spoke to KGVO News on Friday on National Constitution Day.

Natelson delved into the rich history of the making and shaping of the US Constitution.

“The story basically begins with a charter issued by one of the kings in 1100,” Natelson said. “It continues through Magna Carta. It continues through documents that were generated in the 17th century in order to preserve freedom in England. It continues through documents that were used by American settlers in the 18th century, such as the Colonial Charters and the Declaration of Freedoms of Massachusetts and others, to the Articles of Confederation, from the State Constitution to our American constitution.

Fast forward to today, Natelson has identified the main dangers threatening the US Constitution.

“The Constitution has been threatened in several ways over the years,” he said. “Today, the biggest threat comes from a federal government and federal officials who seem to think they have no limits on their power. The Constitution gives our federal public servants a fairly generous share of power, but it also limits it. Most of the authority over daily life is believed to be exercised at the state, local and family and individual levels. “

Natelson said the Founding Fathers, in their wisdom, knew that power should be exercised by states, rather than an almighty federal government.

“The founders knew from history that when you have a great Republic that spans a vast territory, the only way to protect freedom and prevent that Republic from degenerating into despotism was to federate it; to decentralize it. Thus, most of the powers have been exercised at the local or state level. “

Referring to the current COVID 19 pandemic and President Biden’s efforts to force vaccinations, Natelson said the founders determined that individual states should have the power to regulate local issues.

“States have all the power they need to deal with a pandemic,” he said. “It is not a federal responsibility. The top Supreme Court justice, John Marshall, in an opinion written in 1824 and read by law students, asserted that health problems are a matter of state. This is one of the reasons we have states, and states in the past have been innovative, creative and responsible in developing responses to epidemics and pandemics. “

Natelson is the author of ‘The Original Constitution; What he really said and meant ”, in addition to being the author of several articles referenced in Supreme Court cases. He also writes a weekly opinion piece in the online newspaper ‘The Epoch Times’.

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