Prize money increased for 2022/23 women’s top league

The prize money for the Women‘s Orange Division has been increased from 600,000 Liberian dollars (4,000 US dollars) to 10,000 US dollars, the Liberia Football Association (LFA) announced.

The decision was taken during the recent FA Executive Committee meeting, held on August 5 at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia.

This results in an increase in the number of participating teams in the league from 10 to 12.

It will come into effect from the next Orange National League 2022/2023, whose official kick-off is scheduled with the Super Cup on August 24.

The Women’s Top Division and Men’s 2nd Division now have the same prize money (US$10,000), while the Men’s 1st Division prize money of US$20,000 remains the highest, an amount that has been increased by L$1.6 million for the previous season.

Meanwhile, at the executive committee meeting, other decisions were also made ahead of the new league season.

The FA has taken the decision to reduce fees for protests and appeals. The L$50,000 that was previously paid for protests in the First Division and the L$35,000 in the Second Division has been reduced to L$25,000 across the board.

The non-refundable fees of L$125,000 and L$100,000 which were in the rules for appeals from 1st and 2nd Division clubs respectively, have been reduced to L$40,000 for appeals in both Divisions.

Clubs will now pay L$100,000 for merger and sale or change in nomenclature instead of L$250,000 for merger and L$200,000 for change in nomenclature or sale in accordance with Chapter 20, Article 1 of the league rules and regulations.

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