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Fall: A Sunset Boulevard resident needed help when her husband fell down a flight of stairs on Friday. The man, who was intoxicated, sat at the bottom of the steps with a deep laceration and was bleeding profusely, police said. He was taken to Trinity West for treatment.

Road rage: Passers-by said a man in a light-colored SUV yelled at a woman he said cut him off in traffic on Saturday. The disruption occurred in the 1900 block of Sunset Boulevard.

Shouting: Police searched for a man in a black Kia with tinted windows, callers said yelling obscenities in the 100 block of North Fourth Street but could not find him on Friday.

Dilapidated: A resident of George Street told police his son was playing with other children near Terrace Avenue when two men chased him on the road to Spring Avenue on Thursday. Officers spoke to the men, who told him that the miner was swearing and trying to push and hit two girls, also minors, so they kicked him off their property.

Disturbance: On Friday, a resident of Henry Avenue asked police to evict a woman from his home who he said had disrespected him and his family. He said when he asked the woman to leave, she started arguing with him and scratched his cheek. Police noted that he had a new scratch from his eyebrow to his nose. The woman recovered her belongings and left the residence.

Hit and jump: A Market Street resident told police a woman had come to his home and punched him several times in the face, but he did not want to lay charges on Saturday.

Bag Lady: Police have looked at surveillance footage of a woman who they say stole a man’s wallet, shoves it in her bag and leaves Circle K on Saturday. They said the wallet owner told them he put his wallet down to take a pop and forgot to take it. When he came back to get it, he said it was gone.

Bad scene: Callers reported that a man may have overdosed and was lying on the street in the 900 block of North Eighth Street on Saturday. Firefighters said they arrived at the scene in time to see the man enter a residence and speak to him through a closed back door, but he refused to receive medical attention.

Bad credit: Walmart workers told police a man walked into the store and took two items he took from a shelf at the service counter and got a refund of $ 410 on his credit card. credit, even if he hadn’t paid them, on Saturday. They said the money was refunded to his credit card to purchase three items valued at $ 186 and then returned to the store later that day to be refunded more money on his menu. He grabbed the three items and ran away when the store staff said he needed to check something. Police said the man was a gray facial hair man in his 60s or 60s wearing a gray t-shirt and khaki shorts with a German Shepherd on a leash.

Abandoned: A man involved in a disturbance on the 1500 block of Oregon Avenue was found hiding in the backyard on Saturday. Police said the man’s girlfriend told them he had run away before they arrived, but realized it was not fully open and began to search outside the residence. . They found the man in the back yard trying to hide in a ditch. They said he was “Very intoxicated” and admitted to arguing with the woman, who said she didn’t want to lay charges and would look after him for the rest of the night. The police told him to go inside and sleep.

Re: Residents of the 400 block of Westwood Drive reported a suspicious vehicle on Friday. They said the person driving the vehicle drove around the block several times in the turquoise-colored Pontiac and would park in the middle of the roadway. They said that at one point a woman got out of the car and started to approach a house, but saw them looking at her and left.

False alarm: A caller reported hearing a loud bang in the 100 block of Park Street, which sounded like gunshot or fireworks on Friday. Officers said the area was quiet when they arrived at the scene, and a pedestrian told them he heard fireworks.

Spotted: Two women were spotted in a white Nissan Xterra snorting cocaine outside the downtown Speedway on Friday.

Tense: A woman from the 1200 block of Arlington told police her neighbor’s daughters had been yelling at her since she was accused of calling their father a drug dealer on Saturday. The woman said she had never had any problems with her neighbors before the allegation.

Down and Out: A caller reported an unconscious man on the sidewalk in the 1300 block of Ridge Avenue, but police were unable to locate him.

Code Issues: Violation notices were sent to the owners of the lands at 1807 Oregon Avenue and 1653 Oregon Avenue, both for tall grass.

Bad omen: A resident of Linduff Avenue told police two people harassed her at her workplace on Friday. Before she left she said they told her “It is not finished.”

Quoted: Deanna L. Young, 53, 2020 Girard Ave., Steubenville, no operator license, Saturday; Savannah Kay Devore, 24, and Kimerly Devore, 50, both from 4997 State Highway 151, Mingo Junction, theft; Michael Funkhouser, 42, 53658 High Ridge Road, Bridgeport, violation of marked lanes; Aliah L. Stinson, 25, 1135 Wilson Ave., Mingo Junction, small vol. Stinson allegedly tried to leave Walmart with $ 110 worth of merchandise she had not paid for, police said.

Reserved: Neal C. Jackson, 41, 115 Penfield Road, Steubenville, possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia, Saturday. Jackson was also cited for driving with a suspension and expired / illegal license plates. Police reportedly found crack cocaine and a crack pipe on him.

Private: A woman in the 200 block of Linduff Avenue said she was having trouble with a neighbor using her driveway on Saturday. She told police her lawyer told her to document every problem, and on Saturday she said she filmed a motorbike going down her driveway.

Problems: Two people were arguing over a vehicle in the 900 block of North Fifth Street on Saturday. Police learned that the man owned the car but the woman had the keys. She returned them after taking out her things.

Reserved: Roy J. Parks, 62, 1238 Oregon Ave., Steubenville, arrest warrant, Saturday; Joy Robinson, 28, 908 North Sixth Street, Steubenville, drug possession, Friday; Vanessa Rose, 34, 975 Sherman Ave., drug possession, Friday. Rose was also cited for driving with a suspension.

Reserved: Allison M. George, 38, 1617 Moreland Dr., Steubenville, Petty Theft and Criminal Trespass, Friday. George allegedly bought a cell phone from Walmart and then attempted to conceal a box of cookies and two phone cases in the bag, despite having been banned for life from the property due to four previous incidents. Police said George admitted to stealing the items and told them she was in jail on unrelated charges, that a family member stole her property.

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