Obese woman paid over $2,000 a month to get stuck in cars, doors

A woman who weighs 227kg makes a living selling videos of her life, showing how she navigates through doors and into cars.

This 500-pound woman is paid nearly $3,000 a month to be stuck in doorways.

Danielle Birch, 25, films her size 36 frame getting stuck in cars, doorways as well as standing next to smaller people.

The content creator, who lives in Plymouth, southern England, charges between £2.90 ($5.48) and £7.30 ($13.80) per video.

She describes the videos as “non-pornographic” saying her videos are created simply for men to “admire taller women“.

Danielle, a former chef, said her unusual career move wasn’t for everyone, but after years of ‘hiding’ her body, it had given her the confidence to embrace a more healthy.

“I’m finally good about myself, but that doesn’t mean I tell other people to get fat,” she said.

“Before, I hated the way I looked, but now I have a different view of it.

“I don’t want to stay at this size forever because I have limited mobility, so I reduced my calorie intake to 2,500 from 5,000 per day.”

Danielle currently wears a size 36 bottom and 28 top but said she would be “happy in size 20 clothes”.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be the ‘right’ weight for my height, I’ve always been fat,” she said.

“I’m 6ft tall and I’m passionate about food, which is why I was a chef for 10 years.

“Now I can use my weight to my advantage and make money. I can’t see myself going back to my job as a chef because it was long 16 hour days. Selling videos online gives me so much more freedom .

But if you thought Danielle stripped naked to make money, you’d be wrong.

“There is a lot of interest in seeing how my weight affects my daily life,” she said, adding

“there’s nothing pornographic in that”.

“Sometimes I can wear a sexy outfit but I never do rude things or get naked.”

Danielle charges £2.90 ($5.48) for five-minute videos that require her to try on an outfit and £7.30 ($13.80) for 20-minute videos.

“The short videos are usually me trying on a cute outfit,” she explained.

“Whereas the longest might be a driving tour showing how I fit into one and others might be me stuck in a doorway.

“Another video might involve running over a smaller man or sitting in a hot tub causing the water to overflow.”

Despite the fact that her videos aren’t racy, Danielle says she has no control over how people use them.

“There’s no denying that some people use my content without being rude,” she said.

“But I get beautiful messages from women.”

She went on to say that while she realizes her stuff “may not be everyone’s cup of tea,” there are people who appreciate her body.

“I fall into the category of ‘super tall, tall, beautiful women,’ which is for women weighing 350 to 500 pounds (159 to 227 kg),” she said.

“I weigh 500 pounds, so even if I were to lose weight, I would still be in this category which seems to be very popular.”

On average, she earns £1,500 ($2,846) a month, but said there were months when she earned more.

“I upload about five videos a week of myself stuck in the bath and doors,” she said.

“I like to eat and I like food, but I don’t like watching myself eat, that’s why I focus on integrating into small places.”

Among the positive feedback, Danielle has been the subject of online trolling.

“Online haters say I look like a piece of meat and I’m a disgrace,” she revealed.

“They also accused me of promoting obesity, which I am not.

“I know this weight is not healthy, but at the moment I am fine with no underlying medical conditions.”

As for the trolls, Danielle said she didn’t understand that her weight meant she “shouldn’t be able to love me.”

“I think people should mind their own business, if someone is struggling with their weight then being horrible and abusing them doesn’t help.

“I think positive and uplifting feedback is going to help more.

“If I can give one woman the power to feel better about herself, then I’ll put up with the insults, I don’t mind.

“I’m thick-skinned, but sometimes I just turn off comments, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.”

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