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The 2021/22 season will mark the start of a new dawn for the UEFA Women‘s Champions League. The addition of a group stage and the quadrupling of cash prizes have already been announced, but now the competition will have its own anthem, as well as an updated logo and brand identity.

The addition of a new anthem and branding is just the latest step in an overhaul of UEFA women’s football, in line with UEFA’s Time for Action strategy, which aims to to double the reach and value of UEFA’s flagship women’s competitions by 2024.

Something to tell

Listen to the new women’s Champions League anthem

“The UEFA Women’s Champions League is a competition in its own right, with its own sports and commercial organization, with its own specificity. So why shouldn’t we have a separate anthem and brand attached to this competition? People need to know about the UEFA Women’s Champions League, they need to have something that they can relate to and get attached to and I think such an anthem is really important for recognizable competition ” , said Nadine Kessler, head of women’s football at UEFA.

“I really hope that the players love it and that they can feel and see that this anthem was made with the help of players for players. We really had one goal in mind, which is to make them feel invincible when they step out in this very special moment of playing the most important games of their careers.

The brand identity of the UEFA Women’s Champions League reflects the prestigious, inspiring and progressive character of a competition made up of the best women’s clubs in Europe. It is important to the profile and impact of the UEFA Women’s Champions League that this exciting brand identity is implemented consistently, while the logo perfectly reflects the essence of the UEFA Women’s Champions League: ” the best of the best women’s club football competition ”.

Groot Omroepkoor performing the UEFA Women's Champions League anthem

Groot Omroepkoor performing the UEFA Women’s Champions League anthem @UEFA

It’s now

Meanwhile, the anthem follows the same principles as the world-famous UEFA Men’s Champions League anthem, which is sung in all three official UEFA languages ​​- English, French and German by Groot Omroepkoor (Dutch Broadcasting Choir). An excerpt from the final verse can be found below and is a testament to the pride and honor players will feel when they step onto the pitch ahead of an important meeting with a European club. It will be played before kick-off, as the players line up.


All unite

Das große Spiel (the biggest game)

It’s now

It’s now (it’s now)

They stand

With pride

“This new anthem represents the start of something new, the new UEFA Women’s Champions League. But it’s also representative of the growth of an entire sport, so that has a very big meaning, ”Kessler added.

“It’s a symbol for all the changes we’ve made for this competition and it really visualizes the most important moment: the pitch, the stadium when it’s full of fans and the players come out of the tunnel and that’s what what we should all focus on. . “

More competitive format

Brand agency Works Ltd oversaw the new brand identity for the UEFA Women’s Champions League, while the new anthem was developed in collaboration with global music agency MassiveMusic.

Visa became the first UEFA women's football sponsor in 2018

Visa became the first UEFA women’s football sponsor in 2018SPORTSFILE

“The new brand identity of the UEFA Women’s Champions League has the potential to take competition to the next level, giving it the visual recognition that the world’s largest women’s club competition deserves,” said Marketing Director of UEFA, Guy-Laurent Epstein.

“The new brand image and anthem, together with the new competition format and new business model, can only help make the UEFA Women’s Champions League a more exciting proposition for our current and future partners and sponsors.

“The Women’s Champions League broadcast platform will be second to none, and world-class companies, such as Hublot, Lays, Nike and Visa, who have already agreed to partner with us over the past two years, while we have more exciting ones. news to share with you shortly. “

From next season, the UEFA Women’s Champions League will offer a more competitive format, with the addition of Champions and League qualifying routes for the first rounds, a 16-team group stage followed by a knockout – the participation of more teams and players, and above all, the promise of global visibility.

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