Mitten Raised Bakery raises money to support women and children in Ukraine

Mitten Raised Bakery in East Lansing raises money to support the women and children of Ukraine through their “Love to Ukraine” fundraiser. They are currently accepting commissions for “The Zelenskyy”.

The Lemon Vanilla Cookie Sandwich, named after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is blue and yellow, representing the colors of the Ukrainian flag, and wrapped in Fruity Pebbles to represent the support of the world. It also comes with a raspberry filling to represent the heart of Ukraine. They are available for purchase at $10 each.

The design was created by bakery owner Katie Anne Karamol, who found a way to use her creative skills to help those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“I wanted to create a cookie that represents Ukraine, but I also wanted to create something that shows our love and support,” Karamol said in an email. “The cookie is rolled in red hearts and Fruity Pebbles representing our support surrounding families in Ukraine.”

Being thousands of miles away from the crisis makes it difficult for people to find ways to help, so Karamol said she wanted to offer people in and around East Lansing a way to show their support locally.

“Being a small business owner gives me a platform to be able to make a small impact in our community, so I wanted to share this opportunity,” she said in the email. “Most of the time people want to help in these situations but don’t really know how. I wanted to be the outlet and I do it the only way I know how, by cooking!

East Lansing resident Tina Shultz was looking for a way to show her support for Ukrainian mothers displaced by violence when she found the Mitten Raised fundraiser and placed an order at the bakery.

“I like to donate to charity or fundraisers when I can, and support local businesses,” Shultz said via text message. “I have had Mitten Raised articles a few times and have always been happy with them. When I saw that the cookies supported Ukrainian mothers, I felt the need to support them. I think it is amazing what Mitten Raised does and I wanted to help.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, forcing millions of Ukrainians to flee their homes and find refuge in neighboring countries. As violence still rages across the country, those lucky enough to survive find themselves starting from scratch.

“It’s hard enough to watch what’s happening right now between Russia and Ukraine, but seeing how it affects families and young children is really hard,” Karamol said in the email. “I can’t even imagine being in their shoes, so I wanted to do something, whatever I could to help. Being a mother today has completely changed me. I want to protect my family as best I can, so I want to help those families feel loved and supported given what’s going on. »

All proceeds from the fundraiser will be used to support the women and children of Ukraine. Orders can be placed on the bakery website and can be picked up on April 23.

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