Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency Survey

Thousands of Michigan residents wonder why it took so long. Michigan State House Oversight Committee opens extensive investigation at the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency. Committee chairman Steve Johnson of Wayland said it is already underway and will expand as the legislature returns to Lansing after his summer recess. Quoting Johnson,

And some say that may be the understatement of the decade surrounding Michigan’s troubles with the COVID-19 outbreak. There was apparently one problem after another.

The most recent was revealed this week with around 700,000 unemployment benefit recipients informed by the ministry that they face more stringent tax filing requirements and that they may ultimately have to pay back. a good chunk of the allowances they received. In some cases, recipients waited weeks and months for the state to start sending them anything. While at the same time, the department paid over $ 1 billion to criminals who filed fraudulent claims. At the start of the virus outbreak, the ministry relaxed some of its controls to make sure people claiming benefits really deserved them. There has been little work reported by the state to attempt to recover all of this fraudulently obtained money.

At the end of last year, Republican State Representative Marshall Matt Hall called on Governor Gretchen Whitmer for the mess in progress in the service of unemployment. Specifically, for the vetoed governor, the legislature allocated funding of approximately $ 200 million to help consolidate the department’s exhausted account to ensure that those in need of unemployment benefits wouldn’t sit empty-handed after the huge fraud claims took a big stretch. The new chairman of the oversight committee, Steve Johnson, said it would be no small task for the committee to deal with what in his words amounts to a,

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