Loan insurance on borrowed capital cheaper

Any acquisition of valuable property represents a major decision. The stakes are all the greater when the operation is financed by a loan. Indeed, the borrower can not fail to wonder about the future of his acquisition in case of a hard blow, especially if he died: his heirs, already plagued by the pain of the loss of a being expensive, could they further deal with the payment of death duties while ensuring repayment of the loan?

Make a loan insurance simulation borrowed capital

Make a loan insurance simulation borrowed capital

Would not the risk, then, to see the property put on sale forced and to draw a price which would not even be enough to disinterested creditors? The borrowed capital loan insurance provides a reliable answer to such cases.

The intervention of the loan insurance capital borrowed in case of death

For any major credit, the financial institution will require death cover for the borrower. It is for the first a money back guarantee that reduces its risks but for the second, the interest of the formula is just as obvious.

Alternative method of calculating Loan Insurance: Capital Remaining

In the event of the death of the borrower, the loan insurance borrowed capital will indeed support the repayment of the sums borrowed instead of heirs. They will therefore be able to keep the property without refunding the bank. They will only have to pay inheritance taxes normally due.

Other cases of intervention of loaned capital loan insurance

Other cases of intervention of loaned capital loan insurance

The same concerns can be a problem for borrowers who are wondering what will happen to their acquisition in the event that they are unable to maintain their income as a result of job loss or disability. professional. See the definition of initial capital

Loan principal insurance borrowed can also provide a satisfactory answer, by taking care of the deadlines in place of the borrower. However, special clauses of the contracts should be observed because periods of deductibles and ceilings are frequently provided for.

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