Kintampo South Women Farmers and Processors Praise UNDP for Socio-Economic Empowerment

Women farmers and processors in the southern district of Kintampo in Bono East have praised the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for their socio-economic empowerment through the initiation of livelihood empowerment programs.

The more than 300 women from three communities of Ayorya, New Longoro and Kyinga in the district have benefited from UNDP initiatives such as the construction of a groundnut paste and oil processing plant and support for market gardeners and other female farmers who produce various crops in the district.

The factory was inaugurated in June 2021 to help improve the livelihoods of people in the region.

The groups were praised during a durbar hosted by Ayorya leaders honoring UNDP for bringing change to their lives, saying they can now help their husbands and other members of the community. community to improve their livelihoods.

Madam Hannah Chiama, President of Ayorya Group, said that before the facility was made available, the living conditions were unbearable for them, but today they have been socio-economically empowered and could therefore feed their families.

She said the availability of the factory has resulted in the production of large quantities of peanut paste and oil to meet market demand to increase their income and make them financially independent for a year.

Mrs. Chiama announced that UNDP had also initiated the Village Savings and Loans (VSL) which had been a major financial support to them in times of financial hardship, explaining that they had difficulty accessing loans from banks to do their business.

But since the introduction of VSL, women can easily get loans without delay and easier to repay without any fuss, she added.

Madam HellenAlima, President of the FarmaNyame Farmers Association, also praised the UNDP, saying that women farmers, especially market gardeners, farm once a year.

But since the arrival of support with water pumps, they have been able to farm all year round as they can pump water to their farms to water the crops, she added.

Dr. Angela Lusigi, the UNDP Resident Representative in Ghana, had previously learned about the impact and sustainability of the project and commended the women for their proactiveness in driving positively the main objective of the project.

Dr. Lusigi said that women are the breadwinners hence the need to empower them as they have the chance to strengthen the human resources of a community.

She assured UNDP’s commitment to continue to provide the necessary support for women to realize their socio-economic dreams and applauded the women for their efforts to ensure the achievement of the project’s goals.

Dr. Lusigi then visited some groundnut farms of some of the women who supplied groundnuts as raw materials for the processing factory.

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