Iowa City area prepares for economic impact of NCAA women’s basketball tournament

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) — As the Iowa women‘s basketball team hosts the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament this weekend, “Think Iowa City” has prepared restaurants and hotels for an influx of visitors. Just counting those who will come from outside of Johnson County, they expect ten thousand people every day.

Nick Pfeiffer is the vice president of public affairs for Think Iowa City. He says they work with the University of Iowa year-round to prepare for the potential of something like this.

They work with area hotels and restaurants to ensure they can accommodate up to 10,000 visitors.

As planning forces businesses to order more supplies and increase staff, the financial benefit could be around $3.5 million over two days.

“This money is an influx into the region. It’s money that we don’t really count on, which comes in and so it’s money in restaurants, in stores, in gas stations. This affects taxpayer dollars, which ultimately reduces the tax burden on Johnson County residents,” Pfeiffer said.

He adds that these funds will also go towards projects that will further develop the Iowa City area, in turn attracting even more people from out of town.

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