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Not how it works

Ssometimes the best plans (to get laid) go astray.

There have been a few girls that I would like to ask for sex in exchange for money.  But it seems like they get super offended when it happens after I did some research.  Why would a girl get pissed when an incel said, 300 bucks to let me fuck you, that's it, here's the cash right now

When one of the commentators – this was posted on but you’ve probably guessed it already – helpfully suggests that “[m]maybe you need to pay extra because you are a ***er? our boy replies:

I’m white and it works in porn so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in real life. a girl would have to be a dumb bitch to turn down 300 bucks for a quick fuck and a lot of guys in porn are sub men with big dicks and fucking ugly faces and bellies.

Uh, man, porn is not real life. Those videos where someone walks up to a woman on the street and offers her money for sex and she accepts? These are set up in advance. And she probably gets way over $300.

When someone else suggests that our boy “just go see a whore”, he complains that

Harlots feel disgusting, I can’t imagine anyone cumming inside her a few minutes before me. I know the other girls are no better but still

I can’t imagine a sex worker would be happier to have sex with you for $300 than you pretend to be with her. You’re the kind of guy who gets kicked out because you don’t seem safe.

In another comment, he complains that

Thanks to online dating and dating apps, the value of pussy has increased dramatically. even a loose stinky pussy from a big sub-4.

My God, I can’t imagine why women aren’t lining up around the block waiting to have sex with you, even without the $300 bonus. I would suggest that you put a bag over your head but really, you would need to put a bag over your whole personality.

I can’t imagine anyone agreeing to $300 – or $3000 – just to sit alone in a room with you for ten minutes. without sex. You kind of give me goosebumps.

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