Imm’s money goes to battered women

BEATA Siteketa has announced that she will donate the money she received after winning a libel lawsuit against Imms Nashinge to the Gender-Based Violence Investigation Unit.

Siteketa, better known as Betty Davids, slapped Nashinge in a Namibian $ 400,000 libel suit for calling her a “prostitute”.

Speaking to yesterday, Davids said Namibians must learn to treat each other with human dignity and respect to end the abuse in any way.

“My experiences have opened my eyes to the ‘deafening’ silence that vulnerable people in society suffer from abuse. People should have the right to exist without their dignity being taken away from the whims of others. No power on this earth can quench the thirst for human dignity, so we must continue to exert our efforts to ensure that people enjoy this simple and basic right, ”she said.

“The Namibian government is in the process of transforming these units into ‘one-stop shops’. A lot of groundwork has been done and the upgrade will begin soon. Hopefully this small contribution sets a kind of precedent so that people can continue to support everyone’s right to exist and live a life of dignity. “

Nashinge, who is the spokesperson for the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC), agreed to apologize and pay N $ 60,000 in monthly installments of N $ 2,000 to Davids for the remarks he made to its subject in a WhatsApp group. Part of the deal is that he would post the settlement agreement and court order on the same WhatsApp group where he made the remarks.

The remarks were made in an online conversation Davids participated in with Nangula Uaandja, the Managing Director of the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board, on March 3.

Davids alleged in his defamation claim that Nashinge’s intention was to present her to the public as a person “without moral scruples, as incompetent and unqualified to participate in a public debate on investment in Namibia, and as promiscuous, like someone whose appearance can scare investors away from investing in Namibia because of their sexual adventures ”.


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