Guide to inform the questionnaire medical insurance loan

When you approach an insurer to submit your loan insurance application, the insurer gives you a health questionnaire that you must fill out to inform your health status. The insurer can thus assess the “risk” you represent and make a decision about whether or not to insure and under what conditions.

Guide to complete the medical questionnaire insurance loan

Guide to complete the medical questionnaire insurance loan

By answering yes or no on the medical questionnaire, you must indicate and specify: the operations and conditions encountered in your life, your family history, work stoppages, cures, specialized treatments received.

It is recommended to take your time for the health questionnaire in order to be precise and not forget anything

You should know that any statement on the health questionnaire commits you personally: certified accurate by your signature, this declaration serves as a basis for the development of the insurance formula that will be proposed.

An erroneous declaration will expose you to a sanction provided for by the Insurance Code:

  • For any intentionally false statement, the insurer is entitled to make the insurance contract totally void and thus deny you any compensation.
  • If this is an unintentional inaccuracy, the benefit will be reduced proportionately to what it should have been if the risk had been declared.

Medical analysis and review guide for risky borrowers (health)

Medical analysis and review guide for risky borrowers (health)

Depending on the answers provided in the medical questionnaire, you may need to undergo a medical examination at a center approved by the insurer.

  • Good to know:

    Like the insurer, the lending institution is obliged to preserve medical confidentiality. In order for the bank to get a feel for your health, simply send your own medical file to the medical adviser of your insurer.


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