Female Wisconsin Honor Flight Veterans Honored in Washington

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) — World War II veteran Emily Ruth Fish looks at the memorial built in her honor.

“I’m flabbergasted,” Fish said, as she joined more than 80 female veterans on the site.

Women were invited to travel aboard the Badger Honor Flight from Wisconsin to Washington, DC on Saturday. The trip marks the first time the flight was made up of a majority of female veterans.

“When we decided to do this, we had 30 female vets signed up. When we announced we had a female flight, we now have 80 on the flight, and that was after a month and a half,” Steve said. Bartlett, communications director of the Badger Honor Flight.

Bartlett added: “We thought maybe it was time to focus and try to get the women here because they were a big part of all of our missions.”

The women’s flight marks the 41st time the Badger Honor Flight has arrived in DC Funding for the trip was made possible by a female donor.

“There was a woman who worked for the Moose Lodge, or was a member of it, and sold tickets for us and everything, and she was just in love with what we were doing,” Bartlett said. “And when she died, she left us enough money that we could fund an entire flight.”

Friends Pat Beckett and Brenda Harris were also on board the flight. The couple have been friends since kindergarten and joined the service together in Vietnam.

“She decided she wanted to join in and asked me if I wanted to go with her,” Beckett said.

The friends told the Gray Television Washington News Bureau that there were lots of laughs aboard the flight to DC. They said they were very excited that the trip was made up of a majority of women.

The Wisconsin Badger Honor Flight has another flight coming this summer. It will take place on June 4.

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