Famous car designer Dilip Chhabria released on bail but remains in jail: here’s why

Dilip Chhabria secures bail in multi-crore car financing and counterfeiting scam. Esplanade Magistrates’ Court granted bail after more than three months of arrest by Mumbai criminal police. The estimated counterfeit made by Chhabria is around Rs 40 crore. Even though the court granted him bail, he remains in jail due to another case filed against him by comedian Kapil Sharma.

Kapil Sharma has filed a formal complaint against Dilip Chhabria for failing to deliver a custom vanity van. Kapil said he paid the car designer more than 5.7 crore rupees for the same. However, Chhabria demanded more money from Kapil and also asked him to pay the parking fees for his vanity van.

Chhabria and her sister have filed a plea with the Bombay High Court requesting an independent investigation into the “illegal seizure” of her property by the Crime Intelligence Unit (CIU) of the Mumbai Crime Branch. Chhabria is also asking the court for help in sealing his property in Pune.

Attorney Akhilesh Dubey, who represents Chhabria, argued before Judge SS Shinder and Judge Manish Pitale that Chhabria had a huge workshop in Pune. This workshop was illegally seized by SDI. The lawyer said the real estate cannot be seized.

Famous car designer Dilip Chhabria released on bail but remains in jail: here's why

How did the cops find out about the scam?

The scam was discovered after Mumbai police reportedly received a clue that a DC Avanti with a fake registration number was parked outside the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai. The cops set a trap to intercept the vehicle and managed to do so. During the interception, the cops discovered that the vehicle was registered in Tamil Nadu while the chassis and VIN were registered in Haryana RTO under a different registration number.

The owner of the car, from Tamil Nadu, did not explain the same to the police. Oddly enough, the police also discovered that the address in Haryana belonged to Dilip Chhabria’s company. The cops then seized the vehicle and asked the owner of the vehicle to become the complainant in the case. Cops also suspect that the Chhabria company released cars with the same VIN and chassis numbers to trick financial organizations.

The arrest of Dilip Chabria

Famous car designer Dilip Chhabria released on bail but remains in jail: here's why

Dilip Chhabria was first arrested on December 29 of last year in connection with auto financing and dual registration trafficking. He was sent to Taloja prison on January 7. He was arrested again by the cops after Kapil Sharma filed an FIR against Dilip Chhabria. The CIU only got custody of Chhabria a few days before he was returned to judicial detention.

Currently, there are three cases against the famous car designer. There are two cases against him by CIU and one by the Economic Crimes Wing of the Mumbai Police. Along with Chhabria, his sister and an employee, Nihal Bajaj was arrested by the CIU. Dilip remains in custody while the other two are on bail. Chhabria’s new bail plea has yet to be heard

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