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KOCHI: The state budget has focused on empowering women by earmarking Rs 1,000 crore for low-interest loans through Kudumbashree, experts say. In addition to offering the loan at 4% interest, the budget also envisages the deployment of 10,000 neighborhood auxiliary groups. “One of the most important features of Kudumbashree loans is that they can be made available to members without delay,” said economist Martin Patrick.
“All of Kudumbashree’s activities are supported by loans. So budget announcements go hand in hand with this concept. The money will help women overcome their current financial problems. It will be immediately injected into the market, thus stimulating the local economy. ”
Patrick refers to Kudumbashree’s role in gender equality, which he says is the first criterion in the ranking of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by Niti Aayog. “This is the third year in a row that Kerala has topped the SDG rankings,” said Patrick. “Even though Kerala tops the overall standings, the state’s gender rankings are a bit lower. Budget announcements to support Kudumbashree will help boost its gender rankings in coming years.”
It is claimed that the formation of auxiliary neighborhood groups will improve the penetration of the Kudumbashree network. There are three lakh Kudumbashree units with around 45 lakh members in the state. “Once the neighborhood support groups come into being, it will breathe young blood into Kudumbashree,” said a Kudumbashree official.
Meanwhile, leaders of the Center for Tribal Education, Development and Research (Thampu) said the budget gives a boost to tribal well-being and development. “Budget provisions must be used in a way that promotes the socio-economic and cultural development of the tribes. Those in tribal communities themselves should run small businesses and businesses, ”said Rajendra Prasad, Chairman of Thampu.

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