Earl Freudenberg talks to members of the Pachyderm Club about well-known journalists he has interviewed

Veteran broadcaster Earl Freudenberg spoke to the Chattanooga Pachyderm on Monday talking about some of the famous local politicians he has interviewed over his 55-year career.

Mr Freudenberg recalled his conversation with Fire and Police Commissioner James Bookie Turner in 1967 at the scene of the massive Peerless Woolen Mills fire. Commissioner Turner said he sent Chattanooga firefighters to the scene because 40 percent of the plant’s employees worked in Chattanooga. There was controversy at the time whether Chattanooga’s fire insurance would have covered any possible injuries. Commissioner Turner said he would deal with this situation if it happened.

Mr. Freudenberg also recalls interviewing Hamilton County Executive Dalton Roberts on several occasions. a longtime friend of the family.

He mentioned several Hamilton County officials, including County Judges Don Moore and Chester Frost, Clerk Bill Knowles and Trustee Bill Hullander.

Mr. Freudenberg has fond memories of covering five Third District congressmen, Bill Brock, Lamar Baker, Marilyn Lloyd, Zach Wamp and Chuck Fleischmann. He remembers then that Senator Bill Brock had called him in 1973 to the network of the American forces while he was going to NATO.

The speaker said former Free Press newspaper reporter Tom Griscom was called by Senate Majority Leader Howard to speak in Chattanooga before the Society of Professional Journalists in February 1983. About 60 members of the media were joined by local business people including H. Carey Hanlin, Herb Adcox, Scott Probasco Jr. and Bern Hurley, Mr. Freudenberg was president of SDX/SPJ. Senator Baker talked about life in Washington but focused on his book with photos he had taken.

Mr. Freudenberg has tracked several Chattanooga mayors, including Pat Rose, Gene Roberts and Ron Littlefield.

The radio veteran recalled when WDOD began its Sunday morning Sound Off program in February 1974. Topics included lowering the speed limit to 55 mph, thelong gas lines and advancing the clocks three months earlier. Frequent guests included Hamilton County Commissioner Curtis Adams, State Representative Bobby Wood, Mayor Ron Littlefield and Councilman John Lively. Sound Off Broadcast for 30 years. Commissioner Adams has appeared on Earl’s talk shows nearly 50 times.

City Court Judge Russell Bean, Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond and Sheriff-elect Austin Garrett were on hand for the conference.

Many Hamilton County Republican candidates for the August 2022 election were in attendance.

Mr Freudenberg was introduced by club chairman Marty Von Schaaf and Earl’s longtime friend and TV news anchor David Carroll. Earl and Mr. Von Schaaf worked together on WDOD radio in the 80s and 90s.

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