Dr. Douglas Camarillo’s new book “Ellas sí pueden” is a stimulating tale that recognizes the authority and status of women in a biblical sense.

Dr. Camarillo writes: “In Genesis 1:28 God gives equal authority to man and woman, there he did not discriminate against one another. It is a product of the Fall, which he does in Genesis 3:16, where he Orders man to rule over it. In Jesus, God the Father restores all creation and saves us by faith.

Women today are still discriminated against as inferior by legalism. An example of this is what the pastor John MacArthur presentation at the conference “Truth Matters”, in October 2019, when he criticized her as a female sex, and told the pastor Beth moore to ‘go home, since women can neither teach, nor preach, nor be in authority over men, nor be shepherds, according to 1 Timothy 2:12’.

This reading from 1 Timothy 2:12, RVR1960 says, ‘Because I do not allow a woman to teach, nor to exercise dominion over a man.’ In this verse the word man is Aner, it means married man, husband, husband; for the woman it is Guné, that means, woman, wife, bride. Reading this with the correct interpretation, it should be written like this: ‘Because I do not allow a married woman to teach, nor to exercise dominion over her husband.’ In comparison with Galatians 3:28b: ‘… there is neither male nor female’, we see that for ‘man’, he uses the word Arjen, which means, male, son, man as masculine gender; for women, use the word dshlus, which expresses, feminine, feminine, woman as a feminine gender.

This book clearly tells him biblically that they can teach, preach, be shepherds, and have authority over man. “

Posted by Page Publishing, Dr. Douglas camarillo revealing piece calls for unity between the two sexes so that they can both rule and extend the Kingdom of God. He wishes that through his work people would begin to recognize the call and purpose of women, and finally cast the long-held mindset that locks women away. It is time to value women without seeing them less inferior in life, family and ministry. ; for both sexes are created in his likeness and in his being and are made equal in his perfect will.

Readers who wish to explore this work can purchase “Ellas sí pueden” in bookstores around the world, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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