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After a life of paycheck to paycheck as a single mom, Melinda wolfe determined to invest in herself and buy a house.

“It didn’t make sense to keep paying $ 1,900 To $ 2,100 [a month] in rent when it rolls out the window, ”said Wolfe, 54, who works from home for a health insurance company. “I wanted to invest in myself. … I wanted a piece of the American Dream. “

It was anything but easy. The mother of two grown children has been outbid more than 10 houses as Southern california house prices have soared by an average of 15% per year – roughly $ 1,600 one week.

She was quickly shut out of her target market in Eastvale and then to Murrieta. She eventually had to move her home search out of state, eventually buying a townhouse in Las Vegas. His receiver must close December 17th.

If she succeeds in securing her new home, Wolfe will become one of the latest in a long line of single female homebuyers who outperformed their male counterparts to get their share of the American Dream.

Buyer surveys conducted by the National Association of Real Estate Agents over the past 40 years show that single women have been the second largest demographic group among we home buyers since 1981, gradually eclipsing singles in the housing market.

Realtors posted their latest homebuyers survey on November 11th showing that in the year ending June, divorced, widowed and single women accounted for 19% of all we home sales. Single men accounted for 9%.

Single women “are an absolute force” in the housing market, said Jessica lautz, vice president of demographic and behavioral research at NAR.

“Women have only been overtaken by married couples since we followed him, which is impressive considering that until the 1970s, women needed a co-signer for a credit card,” he said. said Lautz.

Although single women traditionally have lower incomes than single men, survey responses show they are more willing to cut personal expenses to save for housing, she said.

“Women are historically more likely to believe their home is a better financial investment than stocks compared to men,” Lautz said. “They will know what their (house) payment will be for the next 30 years. This is extremely important for women.”

Delay marriage

NAR received 5,795 responses from primary home buyers who purchased a home between july 2020 and June.

The Homebuyers’ Survey was conducted 11 times periodically until 2003 and annually since 2004.

Married couples have taken the lion’s share of home buying in the past 40 years since the survey began, though their share has risen from a high of 81% in 1985 to 60% This year.

The share of homes bought by single men also changed little over the four-decade period and never exceeded 12%.

Agents surveyed recently hypothesized that single women are more caring, more likely to appreciate the investment value of homeownership, or more likely to raise children.

“Because of the nurturing aspect and the need to take care of the family, we realize that there are things that need to be done to create more stability,” said Long beach Real estate agent Crystal West, a single woman who bought her first home – a four-apartment building she shared with her tenants – in 2002.

“I’ve always wanted a home,” West said. “Yes, you do when you get married. But I wasn’t going to wait.”

manhattan beach agent Amy cimetta said some of his single clients were offended by the question of why they had bought a home without a partner.

“They’re single longer, so they buy before they get married,” said Cimetta, an agent for Vista Sotheby’s. International real estate. “I think it’s more of a social story that just reflects how old people are when they get married and have children now. It’s all increasing.”

Demographic indices

Simple demographics provide clues as to why more single buyers are women. On the one hand, they are more numerous.

Single women accounted for just over 25% of we population in 2020, while single men accounted for less than 23%, according to census data.

But that’s a gap of less than 3 percentage points, compared to the home buying gap of 10 percentage points this year.

Two other sets of statistics are much more revealing: Single women are more likely to raise children than single men, and widows outnumber widowers. By a three-to-one margin, single women with children outnumber single men and widows outnumber widowers.

A census report shows that 76% of single-parent households are headed by women, while 24% are headed by men.

“Households with children are more likely to become homeowners,” said one Urban Institute August study on gender and home ownership.

Another factor is that women tend to outlive their spouses more often than men, creating a larger pool of buyers with previous ownership experience.

Local real estate agents say single buyers of both sexes are rarer in Southern california because its house prices are among the highest in the country.

“I haven’t seen a single buyer – single woman or single man,” said Christophe foster, broker for Foster Real Estate Group in Whittier. “With the cost of housing today, you absolutely need two incomes.”

Planning decade

Susan motta, 48, said it took her 10 years to save money and repair her credit before she could buy a home.

A divorced mother who raised her son and two daughters on her own, Motta lived in several West Covina for 20 years before moving into a two-bedroom, two-story townhouse in Claremont last august.

The paralegal started to think about buying a house in the early 2000s. She was fed up with not being free to do whatever she wanted with her home. And almost all of his colleagues were owners.

In 2010, she participated in a home buying seminar led by local agents. After class, she stayed for an hour to check her credit and see if she qualified. She didn’t, but she shouldn’t be put off, said the agent, who gave her a list of things to work on.

“He said, ‘You have to be hungry for the house, decide what you want and stick with it,'” said Motta.

Over the next five years, she worked to improve her credit rating and researched the market. Through September 2020 she looked at at least 50 homes and visited 30, getting an outbid on at least 10. But her offer was eventually accepted after she proposed $ 20,000 below the asking price for his new home in June. His monthly house payment and homeowners association dues amount to only $ 116 more per month than she had paid in rent.

“I was like a unicorn because it was rare for a single woman with children to seek a home,” Motta said.

Wolfe, the Compton native, said that never in her wildest dreams would she have considered moving Las Vegas.

But the market has changed so quickly in the 16 months she spent looking for a home, and the difficulties of winning a bid or closing her escrow Murrieta were so picky, she soon discovered that there was nothing in her price range.

The idea of ​​leaving California started to make sense.

“By the time I got out of escrow in July, there was nothing on the market (I could afford it). Everything was happening in the $ 400,000‘s and more, “she said.” In my church a lot of people were leaving California because the prices were so high. “

Wolfe considered moving to Texas and Arizona before moving to two of the three model townhouses in a new part of the north Las Vegas which was in the process of tendering. She was one of 54 bidders trying to buy one of these homes, so she pushed her bid to the limit, bidding $ 348,000 for a three-bedroom, 1,400 square foot townhouse.

His offer was accepted. Wolfe will move into his new home with one of his daughters if the escrow closes as planned.

“My fingers crossed, nothing is blocking the Vegas purchase,” Wolfe said. “It has been my dream (to own a house) my whole life.”

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Centura Health or Vail Health? Here is a list of the services they offer https://webeclair.com/centura-health-or-vail-health-here-is-a-list-of-the-services-they-offer/ Sat, 04 Dec 2021 23:30:00 +0000 https://webeclair.com/centura-health-or-vail-health-here-is-a-list-of-the-services-they-offer/

A sanitation room in Vail Health’s new medical center in Dillon is pictured on August 27. The sanitation rooms are directly below the operating rooms, which will perform orthopedic and pain management procedures.
Michael Yearout / For the Summit Daily News

When Vail Health officially opened its Dillon Health Center on November 16, it brought more options for health care services to Summit County and the surrounding area. The facility largely operates similar services to Centura Health, owner of St. Anthony Summit Hospital, and creates around 80 jobs in the community, although not all of these positions are county-based full-time.

One of the biggest differences between the two facilities is that providers at the Dillon Health Center do not purchase Bright Health insurance, the carrier selected by the Peak Health Alliance. Peak Health is a non-profit local health insurance buying alliance that was founded in Summit County and negotiates lower insurance rates for Coloradans in rural areas.

Sally Welsh, director of public relations for Vail Health, said the Dillon Health Center accepts Anthem, Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare. On the other hand, Centura Health accepts Bright Health insurance. Welsh said not accepting Bright Health had nothing to do with the insurance company’s reimbursement issues with providers.

“It’s more aligned with who Bright Health has chosen to be in the network,” Welsh said. “… They are also linked to Centura. “

The Dillon Health Center offers a range of services, including:

  • Family medicine, pediatrics and emergency care
  • Orthopedic and outpatient surgery
  • Physical therapy
  • Cancer care, breast imaging and breast care
  • Cardiovascular care, occupational health and pulmonology

Centura Health offers similar services, according to spokesperson Brent Boyer. For starters, it offers family medicine and patient care of all ages at its High Country Healthcare facilities, located in Frisco, Breckenridge and Silverthorne.

The Dillon Health Center is also not the first facility to open an emergency department. Boyer confirmed that Centura operates three emergency care centers in the county. These locations offer services such as x-rays, ultrasound, and laboratory services. Its St. Anthony Breckenridge Mountain Clinic, at 555 S. Park Ave., is open year round. The other two clinics – the St. Anthony Keystone Mountain Clinic and the St. Anthony Copper Mountain Clinic – are open daily during the ski season.

Even with these centers available, Craig Cohn, senior vice president of Vail Health, said he was very excited to bring the only year-round emergency care center to the north county. .

“You now have a place you can go without having to travel across the county, and I think that’s maybe as or more important than the emergency care itself,” said Cohn.

Additionally, Centura provides physical therapy to inpatients through St. Anthony Summit Hospital, which is provided by Avalanche Physical Therapy. Outpatient physiotherapy is offered by Bristlecone Home Health.

Centura also has a strong cancer care department which includes an infusion treatment center in its medical office building in Frisco and provides various breast imaging services. Boyer said the organization provides specific health care for women through its High Country Healthcare Women’s Health in Frisco.

Other services provided by Centura that are comparable to those of the Dillon Health Center include its partnership with Panorama Summit Orthopedics, which has Summit County surgeons operating at St. Anthony Summit Hospital. Outpatient surgeries are provided by its Peak One Surgery Center in Frisco, and Centura also offers sports medicine, chiropody, pain management, ophthalmology, gynecology, gastroenterology, general surgery services as well. as auricular, nasal and pharyngeal procedures.

Centura continues to operate the county’s only emergency department at St. Anthony Summit Hospital.

For more information on Dillon Health Center services, visit VailHealth.org. For more information on Centura Health’s services, visit Centura.org.

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Examiner: Hydrocodone killed Peggy Pettis, but whether she herself took pain medication or poisoned remains the question https://webeclair.com/examiner-hydrocodone-killed-peggy-pettis-but-whether-she-herself-took-pain-medication-or-poisoned-remains-the-question/ Fri, 03 Dec 2021 03:29:19 +0000 https://webeclair.com/examiner-hydrocodone-killed-peggy-pettis-but-whether-she-herself-took-pain-medication-or-poisoned-remains-the-question/

A medical examiner said on Thursday he could not determine whether the woman who died from ingesting a fatal dose of hydrocodone in June 2018 had herself taken the pain reliever or had been poisoned by someone else. .

Prosecutors say David Pettis, 60, mixed Peggy Pettis, 64, ice cream with a lethal amount of hydrocodone in order to receive life insurance payments from his wife and start a new life with a old girlfriend.

Thursday marked the third day of Pettis’ first degree murder trial.

Dr John Howard, Spokane County medical examiner and medical examiner at the time of the woman’s death, said the level of hydrocodone found in her system was “known to be inherently fatal”, but the muscle relaxant drugs, antihistamines, antidepressants, and acetaminophen she consumed that night likely precipitated her death.

Court documents indicated that the hydrocodone was about 10 times the “therapeutic amount.”

Authorities and medical staff responded to the unconscious woman on the night of June 25, 2018, at 21424 S. Beckley Lane, southwest of Cheney, according to the documents.

Pettis, who is not in custody, said in court documents he fell asleep on the living room sofa shortly after 8:30 p.m.

He said he woke up around 10:30 p.m. and found his wife lying on the floor face down between the bed and the bathroom, according to the documents. He called 911 and started CPR. She died around 11:10 p.m.

Before his wife’s death, Spokane County Assistant District Attorney Joseph Edwards said on Wednesday that Pettis traveled to New York for a funeral in November 2017 and “rekindled a flame” with a former high school girlfriend . Edwards also said that when his wife died, Pettis would receive two big life insurance payments, one that would take effect two weeks before her death and another three days before she died.

Witnesses said Peggy Pettis was aware of the woman her husband remained with in New York City and also communicated with her for the months that followed.

William Porter, who lived with his wife Nancy at the Pettis Residence, told court Thursday that David Pettis told him, while Peggy was in the same room, that few men are lucky enough to have two wives who have them. love at the same time. .

Nancy Porter said she heard Pettis call the other woman “honey”, telling her that he loved her and that “I can’t wait to be with you”.

Colin Charbonneau, one of Pettis’ attorneys, said Wednesday his client has relationships with other women, but they are friendly instead of romantic.

Witnesses who knew the Pettis couple said their relationship had become difficult in the months and years leading up to his death. Financial problems were one of the main reasons.

Nancy Porter said Peggy Pettis appeared depressed, but said she didn’t think the woman would kill herself. The defense said Wednesday that Pettis’ death was tragic but the result of an accident or suicide – not murder.

Nancy Porter said David Pettis bought life insurance every day or almost every day from about a month before Peggy died. David Pettis was also looking for life insurance.

“It was like he was pushing her to get insurance,” said Nancy Porter.

According to court documents, Pettis called the medical examiner’s office on July 2, 2018 and asked if there was anything that could be done to speed up the results of the toxicology report as he needed it to receive the money from life insurance and bury his wife. The documents indicate that Pettis called the Washington State Patrol Toxicology Laboratory about 10 times, saying his daughter was unhappy with the length of the process, according to documents.

The trial will resume Monday at 9 a.m.

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Business Insurance announces Kathy Galia as 2021 Women to Watch winner https://webeclair.com/business-insurance-announces-kathy-galia-as-2021-women-to-watch-winner/ Wed, 01 Dec 2021 15:21:00 +0000 https://webeclair.com/business-insurance-announces-kathy-galia-as-2021-women-to-watch-winner/

Kathy galia took on Paradigm’s mission to improve more lives and created new avenues for our growth, ”said Paradigm CEO, John S. Watts, Jr. “Since joining the company in 2019, Kathy has been a strong thought leader and influential presence, consistently focused on Paradigm’s mission to deliver the best possible results that drive results that change the world. She has such an impressive talent for identifying and responding to emerging trends in healthcare, which are rooted in her exceptional vision, foresight and ability to build highly functional teams. ”

Galia has played a key role in the development and construction of several initiatives that have had a significant impact on Paradigm’s organizational growth and its ability to deliver results-oriented and value-driven care. “Kathy has had a profound effect on the organization and the industry during her already impressive tenure with us,” said Paradigm Chief Clinical Solutions Officer, Kevin turner. He added, “Paradigm will continue to rely on his leadership for continued growth as we seek to help as many injured workers as possible. Highlights of Kathy’s accomplishments include an industry-first value-based partnership initiative with best-in-class vendors including Shirley Ryan AbilityLab and Brooks Rehabilitation, as well as the launch of a partnership with AiRCare Health to provide improved behavioral support from day one to injured workers and their families.

Last year, Galia managed the launch of Paradigm Contagion CareSM, an award-winning, one-of-a-kind solution to provide injured workers with COVID-19 – and their families – the best chance for optimal recovery. Recently, Galia has encouraged the introduction of episodic care management into workers’ compensation as an approach that can reduce costs, increase patient engagement and improve outcomes. Trained as a nurse, Galia approaches every project and decision like a true patient advocate, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the long-term health of injured workers.

As Paradigm strives to create a more diverse and inclusive culture that is better able to manage care for a changing workforce, Galia is also setting a powerful example through an open and collaborative leadership style. “Kathy brings a confident and refreshing style to our business and is very inclusive in her approach to leadership,” said Watts. “She is the first to recognize the team’s collective efforts and achievements.”

Paradigm congratulates Galia and all of the 2021 Women to Watch industry winners who were selected for this important and meaningful award.

About Paradigm
Paradigm is a specialized care management organization focused on improving the lives of people with complex and catastrophic injuries and diagnoses. The company has been a pioneer in value-based care since 1991, providing deep clinical expertise, high-value specialist networks, behavioral health support, payment integrity solutions and robust data analytics to generate the better outcomes for patients, payers and providers. .

Paradigm is headquartered at Walnut Creek, California, with offices across the United States For more information, please visit www.paradigmcorp.com.

Media contact
Ronda Clement
Vice President of Marketing
[email protected]
(727) 488-9345

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Genetic testing offers a weapon to detect breast cancer: Sema4 https://webeclair.com/genetic-testing-offers-a-weapon-to-detect-breast-cancer-sema4/ Mon, 29 Nov 2021 16:07:55 +0000 https://webeclair.com/genetic-testing-offers-a-weapon-to-detect-breast-cancer-sema4/

While mammograms and physical exams have long been suggested options to help women detect breast cancer, people with a family history of the disease may benefit from more proactive choices. Ken Onel, senior vice president of translational genetics at Sema4, spoke with Outsourcing-Pharma about the powerful tools and technologies available to help patients, caregivers and researchers identify and fight disease.

OSP: Could you please share an overview of how breast cancer detection and diagnostic testing has evolved in recent years?

KO: Advances in imaging, such as tomosynthesis, have helped clinicians detect and diagnose breast cancer earlier than with traditional mammography alone. The recognition that testing for hereditary cancer can save lives and even change the health trajectory of families has led many primary care providers and obstetrician-gynecologists to perform tests to identify women at high risk for cancer. breast (and other cancers as well).

As a result, these women can be followed closely so that, if they do develop breast cancer, it can be detected early when it is most curable.

OSP: Specifically, how has genetic testing helped detect and prevent CB in patients at risk?

KO: About one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Women who have what is called a ‘pathogenic variant’ in a gene associated with an inherited predisposition to cancer, such as BRCA1 or BRCA2, may have a lifetime increased risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer compared to women with the general population. These women may be offered more intensive breast cancer surveillance, starting at a younger age and using additional imaging modalities. This allows doctors to identify cancers at earlier stages, when they are easier to treat.