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A medical career at a price: infertility

From the start, Dr. Ariela Marshall, a hematologist at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, remained convinced that if she worked harder, longer, and better, she would be successful. And she did it: she graduated as a valedictorian, attended an elite college, and was accepted into a major medical school. But …

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Children meet an alien in Down to Earth

As summer draws to a close, best friends Alex and Eddie spend their days patrolling their rural Australian town to their BMX bikes with their walkie-talkies, wait for something… anything happen. At first, the biggest event is the return of Stacey, Alex’s neighbor, who he happens to have a mega-crush …

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The 10 cheapest S&P 500 stocks right now

There are still plenty of cheap stocks out there, even with the major indices near record highs. Barron screened the S&P 500 Index and identified the 10 stocks with the lowest price-to-earnings ratios using the 2022 earnings projections, based on FactSet data. The 10 cheapest companies include memory chip makers …

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