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Women in southwest Florida are getting text messages from strange numbers, and a state sheriff says it’s linked to a sex trafficking program. Law enforcement says they are aware of it and the best way to avoid it is to not respond.

The women we’ve spoken to say they got a text saying something like, “Hey, are you Finn?” I am Georgia. We met on Clover.

Then when a woman responds by saying, “Hello, you have the wrong number”, the person will try to play and find out more about you and even send a fake selfie.

Those we have spoken to say that if the text is harmless, they are worried about not knowing what it might mean.

“Of course that sounded suspicious, and I instantly texted that exact phrase to Google,” Zamora explained. “That’s when I saw the article circulating about people receiving this similar text message and it sounded like a sex trafficking scam.”

Zamora and many other women in Southwest Florida say they’ve received similar messages. The person sends a text saying something like, “Hello, is this Jason? Is it Allie? We met on Tinder.

“I texted back and said, ‘I think you got the wrong number,'” said Madison Campbell-Nelson. “Then they responded. “

The individual can send a selfie and will try to find out more about the person they are talking to.

“It was really crazy,” said Campbell-Nelson. “I was like ‘Wow, this is happening.'”

An Alabama sheriff posted on Facebook saying that these random tests could be a way for sex traffickers to attract women.

The Cape Coral Police Department told us everyone should beware.

“Spam text messages from someone you don’t know, they are unsolicited, and they should be, you should be wary of these things,” Master Cpl. said Philip Mullen.

If you receive one of these text messages, do not reply. If you do, it lets the person know that your number is legitimate. Instead, block the number. Then forward the suspicious text to 7726 or spam.

Your mobile operator should then reply to you by SMS to request the phone number of the spam SMS and initiate an investigation.

– OK, someone has my phone number, Zamora said. “Is he just an innocent, you know, someone trying to con a romance scam?” Withdraw money from me? Or is it really someone trying to verify that this is a working number and then dig deeper and try to get some info from you or your device? So it’s annoying. “

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Imm’s money goes to battered women https://webeclair.com/imms-money-goes-to-battered-women/ https://webeclair.com/imms-money-goes-to-battered-women/#respond Thu, 07 Oct 2021 08:28:11 +0000 https://webeclair.com/imms-money-goes-to-battered-women/

BEATA Siteketa has announced that she will donate the money she received after winning a libel lawsuit against Imms Nashinge to the Gender-Based Violence Investigation Unit.

Siteketa, better known as Betty Davids, slapped Nashinge in a Namibian $ 400,000 libel suit for calling her a “prostitute”.

Speaking to unWrap.online yesterday, Davids said Namibians must learn to treat each other with human dignity and respect to end the abuse in any way.

“My experiences have opened my eyes to the ‘deafening’ silence that vulnerable people in society suffer from abuse. People should have the right to exist without their dignity being taken away from the whims of others. No power on this earth can quench the thirst for human dignity, so we must continue to exert our efforts to ensure that people enjoy this simple and basic right, ”she said.

“The Namibian government is in the process of transforming these units into ‘one-stop shops’. A lot of groundwork has been done and the upgrade will begin soon. Hopefully this small contribution sets a kind of precedent so that people can continue to support everyone’s right to exist and live a life of dignity. “

Nashinge, who is the spokesperson for the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC), agreed to apologize and pay N $ 60,000 in monthly installments of N $ 2,000 to Davids for the remarks he made to its subject in a WhatsApp group. Part of the deal is that he would post the settlement agreement and court order on the same WhatsApp group where he made the remarks.

The remarks were made in an online conversation Davids participated in with Nangula Uaandja, the Managing Director of the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board, on March 3.

Davids alleged in his defamation claim that Nashinge’s intention was to present her to the public as a person “without moral scruples, as incompetent and unqualified to participate in a public debate on investment in Namibia, and as promiscuous, like someone whose appearance can scare investors away from investing in Namibia because of their sexual adventures ”.

– unWrap.online

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Provo, Utah Shark Tank competitor accused of defrauding woman https://webeclair.com/provo-utah-shark-tank-competitor-accused-of-defrauding-woman/ https://webeclair.com/provo-utah-shark-tank-competitor-accused-of-defrauding-woman/#respond Wed, 06 Oct 2021 22:18:03 +0000 https://webeclair.com/provo-utah-shark-tank-competitor-accused-of-defrauding-woman/

Utah County contractor who gained notoriety on the “Shark Tank” TV show with a belt designed for missionaries and others has been charged with defrauding a woman over nearly $ 200,000, causing her to lose his house which, according to investigators, was built specifically to house him. disabled son.

Investigators from the Utah County District Attorney’s Office in Provo believe there are other women who may have fallen victim to Nathanael “Nate” Reid Holzapfel.

Sgt. Cole Christensen, of the Utah County District Attorney’s Office of Investigations, said his office had been in contact with several other potential victims statewide.

“He’s looking for a particular type of woman,” Christensen said of Holzapfel’s alleged modus operandi.

Investigators believe Holzapfel meets women on dating apps and tries to find out about their financial situation soon after. It then focuses on “vulnerable” women, such as women who have recently lost a loved one and ended up with the insurance money, Christensen said.

Holzapfel, 42, from Provo, was indicted on August 30 by the 4th District Court with three counts of communications fraud, a second degree felony. An arrest warrant was issued against his arrest and he was held in the Utah County Jail Tuesday. Holzapfel was able to post a deposit around 90 minutes later. His initial court appearance is scheduled for November 3.

Holzapfel, who is married, began a romantic relationship in February 2020 with “a divorcee with significant health problems” who takes care of her disabled adult son who uses a wheelchair, according to the prosecution documents.

Shortly after starting to date the woman, police said Holzapfel began inquiring into the woman’s financial situation, including her equity, which she said had around $ 200,000.

“(Holzapfel) started telling (the wife) that she needed to do something to protect the equity in her home. (He told her that he) had a company called Save My House LLC, which could protect equity in her home and savings prevent her from paying high capital gains taxes if she were to sell the home, ”the charges say.

On May 14, 2020, Holzapfel took the woman to a securities company “as a surprise” and “pressured” her to sign a pre-drafted deed that transfers ownership of the woman’s house to Save My House, according to the charges.

The woman initially resisted signing and then told investigators she was confused, but eventually signed. The charges allege that a witness for the securities company told investigators “it was obvious (the woman) did not want to sign the waiver but ultimately gave in and signed.”

At the time of signing the title, Holzapfel did not tell the woman that he “had financial problems, that he had recently been sued and that a default judgment had been passed against him for more than $ 250,000 “, according to the charges.

Holzapfel was sued in 2018 by Larry King Enterprises for allegedly using a bogus interview King agreed to do as a favor Holzapfel could privately submit to TV producers to try and participate in their shows. Instead, he “used false pretenses to get Larry King to participate in a bogus interview, and then infringed the plaintiffs’ trademarks and publicity rights to make it appear that Larry King approved of the business activities ( of Holzapfel) when in fact, he did not do so ”, indicates the lawsuit.

After signing the deed, the woman told Holzapfel that she had changed her mind. But court documents say Holzapfel began to ignore the demands and put pressure on her to sell her house, which was specially designed to accommodate her disabled son, and invest some of her equity in another of his businesses called Bristle & Beard LLC.

The woman eventually relented and “reluctantly” sold her house, according to the charges, but “the alleged Bristle & Beard LLC business was not a real business at the time.”

Holzapfel sold the woman’s house in August 2020 without telling the woman how much money he made from it, according to the charges, then deposited nearly $ 208,000 in an Alaska-registered LLP that listed Holzapfel and his wife as general partners.

After receiving a bank transfer of $ 207,773 on September 1, 2020 from the sale of the woman’s house, he began transferring the money to other accounts and “used those funds to pay the existing personal debts on. his motor vehicle, attorney fees, credit cards and to purchase expensive luxury items like guns and gun supplies. Between September 1, 2020 and January 14, 2021, (he) transferred and spent over $ 159,000 received from the sale of the victim’s house for his own benefit, ”the charges state. .

Police believe the woman was paid only $ 11,000 for the sale of her house.

“During (Holzapfel’s) love parade and promised business relationship with (the woman), (he) refused to let (her) have contact with his family and failed to tell (him) that he was still married, ”the charges say.

When the woman threatened to go to the police in November, she said Holzapfel cut off all contact with her “and was missing”.

In the arrest warrant affidavit issued in September, the officer investigating the case said he made numerous attempts to contact Holzapfel and his lawyer, but had not heard from either. other since May. The officer also monitored the address on Holzapfel’s driver’s license, which was a motel in Orem, but found no evidence that he lived there.

Christensen said the case is a good reminder that children aren’t the only ones who need to be careful on social media apps.

“We are always talking about internet safety for kids.… Sometimes we forget about ourselves and our online activity,” he said.

Although Christensen said that many of the potential victims he spoke with felt embarrassed by their experience, he encouraged others who may have been in contact with Holzapfel and who are in the same situation to contact the Utah County Attorney’s Office at 435-815-8069 or email him directly at colec@utahcounty.gov.

“Our office and its investigators focus on crimes that hurt people. Clearly, financial crimes like this are life changing events for victims. We have excellent investigators who took a case that was easily dismissed by some for arrest and charges because the evidence backed it up. Victims deserve no less, ”Utah County Attorney David Leavitt said in a prepared statement,

Holzapfel’s lawyer did not immediately return an appeal on Wednesday to respond to the allegations.

Holzapfel appeared on the TV show “Shark Tank” in 2013, when he featured his belt company, Mission Belt. Fashion mogul Daymond John agreed to invest in the belt company during the show. Mission Belt was a huge success after Holzapfel appeared in “Shark Tank”. Belts are popular among missionaries in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The company also says it donates $ 1 for every belt sold to developing countries to support entrepreneurship and for food and clothing.

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Women and Money: Shattering My Money Myths https://webeclair.com/women-and-money-shattering-my-money-myths/ https://webeclair.com/women-and-money-shattering-my-money-myths/#respond Wed, 06 Oct 2021 09:00:00 +0000 https://webeclair.com/women-and-money-shattering-my-money-myths/

Money is one of the most emotionally charged topics. It is my experience to learn that everyone has a history of money which is usually defined in our childhood, and we carry that history with us consciously or unconsciously.

Women and money tend to get a bad rap because there are a lot of myths over there around women and money.

It is important to have a positive relationship with money so that you can see money for what it is. Money is a tool that helps you acquire things that you need or want.

However, there are many emotions and conditions associated with money. Money can elevate your status, money offers security, having money can boost your confidence, and the list goes on.

If you’ve been told you’re not good at money, grew up in a house where money was a constant source of stress, or you’re in debt and have no hope of yourself coming out of it, these experiences can arouse negative feelings around you. money. This negativity around money can cause you to get stuck where you are, whether it’s debt or mismanaging your finances.

Therefore, state of mind plays an important role in your money management skills. When you have a growth mindset, you can step away from the current state of your finances and grow your wealth.

Money management is an essential skill not only for women, but for all of us. It is important to invest time in learning this skill so that you lead a financially abundant life.

Here are some myths about money that you may have been led to believe, but which are completely wrong:

1. Women are not good at managing their money

Contrary to popular belief, on average, 89% of women worldwide said they control or share their daily shopping needs, compared to only 41% of men. Women manage household budgets and the financial burden rests on their shoulders.

2. Women spend too much money

Society and advertising lead us to believe that women spend all their money on clothes and shoes, leaving very little for most. This is a false message. Women spend more than men on clothing, according to Smart asset, a financial technology company. But men spend more on other things, like takeout, and, depending on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, alcohol and cars. Single men spend a little more, but that may also be because they earn more for a dollar than women.

3. Women don’t want to know more about money

There have never been more books for women, written by women, that discuss the importance of women understanding how to manage their money. Women want to learn, and there are also a growing number of online resources that aim to educate women about money management, investing money, and building personal wealth.

The bottom line is that women and money are a vital subject for the growth of the economy. When more women are working, the economy is growing. The more money women have to reinvest in the economy, the bigger the economy.

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Women’s Golf Club Wins Sponsor and Larger Scholarship Amid Site Uncertainty | Golf https://webeclair.com/womens-golf-club-wins-sponsor-and-larger-scholarship-amid-site-uncertainty-golf/ https://webeclair.com/womens-golf-club-wins-sponsor-and-larger-scholarship-amid-site-uncertainty-golf/#respond Tue, 05 Oct 2021 18:20:00 +0000 https://webeclair.com/womens-golf-club-wins-sponsor-and-larger-scholarship-amid-site-uncertainty-golf/

News of a welcome and substantial increase in prize money for the first female major of the year of golf has arrived with the noticeable footnote that no host site is in place after 2022.

The Chevron Championship will immediately replace the ANA Inspiration, which will be held at its traditional location in Mission Hills, California starting March 31 of next year. The plan is for the event to then move to Houston, home of more than 8,000 Chevron employees. Still, for now, there is a strange lack of clarity, especially regarding a move later in the spring after a deal was made for TV coverage of the network. Chevron has entered into a six-year partnership.

“We are working very, very hard with Chevron and the LPGA to find our future home and future dates, possibly in Houston, which has an incredible track record in hosting and supporting world-class golf tournaments. “said Ed McEnroe of IMG. , who co-manage the tournament. “So more to come in the coming months. “

Pressed by the site’s situation, McEnroe added, “We’re taking our time on this. We have to make the right decision and it is a collective decision. It’s Chevron and the LPGA here. The caliber of the golf course must be a major championship. It has to work well for so many other things we’ve talked about, from weather to travel feed, network windows, what kind of experience can we create on this golf course, not just from a golf course perspective? infrastructure, but for the volunteers and the media and all the fans. If we’re in Houston, Chevron’s employee base will be important to us.

“So please be indulgent with us. We’re working hard, but it’s going to take a little while to figure this out. “

The good news comes in the form of a 60% increase in the prize fund, to $ 5million (£ 3.67million). Still, it’s $ 800,000 less than the R&A paid at this year’s Women’s Open and $ 500,000 less than this year’s US Women’s Open.

The Houston Open of the PGA Tour went without a sponsor in 2018 and 2019. It has since gone from just before the Masters at Houston Golf Club to November at Memorial Park.

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]]> https://webeclair.com/womens-golf-club-wins-sponsor-and-larger-scholarship-amid-site-uncertainty-golf/feed/ 0 Biden officials end ban on abortion referrals to federally funded clinics https://webeclair.com/biden-officials-end-ban-on-abortion-referrals-to-federally-funded-clinics/ https://webeclair.com/biden-officials-end-ban-on-abortion-referrals-to-federally-funded-clinics/#respond Tue, 05 Oct 2021 01:41:31 +0000 https://webeclair.com/biden-officials-end-ban-on-abortion-referrals-to-federally-funded-clinics/

But Marjorie Dannenfelser, chair of the anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List, said in a statement Monday that the Trump rule had respected “the clear statutory language of Title X.”

“Democrats are pushing this agenda forward at their political peril,” she said.

More than 20 states had filed lawsuits against the Trump administration in hopes of overturning the rule, including California, whose lawsuit was led by Mr. Becerra, the state attorney at the time.

In the spring of 2019, the Trump administration announced it would donate millions of Title X funds to an anti-abortion nonprofit funded by Catholic Church allies, the Obria Group. Critics have touted the move as a way to fund medical clinics that perform abortions.

Announcing the policy reversal on Monday, the Biden administration cited last year Annual family planning report, which showed a dramatic drop in the number of clients served by the Title X program. The report estimated that about two-thirds of the decrease in the number of family planning patients between 2018 and 2020 could be attributed to the Trump rule.

Six states currently have no Title X services, and seven more have “limited Title X capacity,” the Department of Health and Human Services said.

Assistant Secretary for Health Dr Rachel L. Levine said the new rule “would allow the Title X service network to expand its size and capacity to provide quality family planning services to more clients.” Title X grants typically go to clinics operated by state and local health departments, as well as federally qualified health centers, hospital sites, and other private not-for-profit and community health clinics. .

Monday’s reversal comes as abortion rights debate flared up again on Capitol Hill after Supreme Court permit a texas law prohibiting most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy from taking effect. As other states seek to enact similar restrictions and the now-conservative-dominated court prepares to take on a case that could overturn the 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade, Democrats are making the issue a central part of their campaign strategy for next year. midterm elections.

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Prince William Co. man offered money to young women to get into vehicle https://webeclair.com/prince-william-co-man-offered-money-to-young-women-to-get-into-vehicle/ https://webeclair.com/prince-william-co-man-offered-money-to-young-women-to-get-into-vehicle/#respond Mon, 04 Oct 2021 05:56:03 +0000 https://webeclair.com/prince-william-co-man-offered-money-to-young-women-to-get-into-vehicle/ Prince William County Police said a man offered money to several young women walking near Rippon Middle School to convince them to get into his car.

Prince William County Police said a man offered money to several young women walking near Rippon Middle School to convince them to get into his car.

In what the department calls a suspicious incident, an unknown man in Woodbridge, Virginia approached young women and offered them money to get into his vehicle.

The suspect was described as a man between 30 and 36, with long black hair in a ponytail, glasses and a scruffy beard.

Police said the man was wearing a bright orange t-shirt and stopped as the young women walked to and from school on the morning and afternoon of September 30.

Police say no one who offered money entered the man’s Subaru Forester, and no contact was made between the man and anyone he offered money to.

Prince William County Police Department detectives have asked anyone with information to contact 703-792-7000 or submit a tip on their website.

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London Marathon 2021: Joyciline Jepkosgei wins women’s race as Sisay Lemma wins men’s race – live updates https://webeclair.com/london-marathon-2021-joyciline-jepkosgei-wins-womens-race-as-sisay-lemma-wins-mens-race-live-updates/ https://webeclair.com/london-marathon-2021-joyciline-jepkosgei-wins-womens-race-as-sisay-lemma-wins-mens-race-live-updates/#respond Sun, 03 Oct 2021 11:42:04 +0000 https://webeclair.com/london-marathon-2021-joyciline-jepkosgei-wins-womens-race-as-sisay-lemma-wins-mens-race-live-updates/

The London Marathon returns this morning after more than two years of absence during the coronavirus pandemic.

About 40,000 runners – including everyone from elite athletes to overweight members of the public in dinosaur costumes – will roam the streets of London for the 26.2 mile course. 40,000 others arranged to run the distance race.

The race starts in Blackheath, south-east London, and ends in front of Buckingham Palace, on the Mall. Everyone competing in London itself has provided a negative lateral flow test and the starters are arranged in waves of around 1,000 spread over a period of 90 minutes.

Race director Hugh Brasher said this year’s event, which marks the 40th anniversary of London’s first marathon, “could easily be the most memorable of all time.”

“It will be a moment of joy, of real emotion,” he added. “It’s more than just a marathon. It’s about bringing people together and that’s what we’ve missed so much over the past 18 months.

“This will be one of the biggest days of the year for charity fundraising at an incredibly difficult time. It will mean more than any marathon in the history of our event since 1981.”

Among the elite athletes competing are Brigid Kosgei, the female world record holder, and Shura Kitata, who won the men’s race in 2020, when it took place around a closed loop of St James’s Park. .

Eliud Kipchoge, the greatest male marathoner of all time, does not participate and neither does Mo Farah.

As first reported by Telegraph Sport, this could be the last London Marathon to air on BBC television. Athletes and MPs have expressed dismay that the BBC could cede the rights to the London Marathon amid warnings that would threaten the race’s fundraising mission.

British running veterans Jo Pavey and Martyn Rooney told Telegraph Sport it would be “a shame” if the company lost one of the sport’s most iconic mass participation events after organizers confirmed it ‘they were in talks to switch to another terrestrial broadcaster.

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The trio pledged to break the Atlantic rowing record and raise money for cancer research https://webeclair.com/the-trio-pledged-to-break-the-atlantic-rowing-record-and-raise-money-for-cancer-research/ https://webeclair.com/the-trio-pledged-to-break-the-atlantic-rowing-record-and-raise-money-for-cancer-research/#respond Sat, 02 Oct 2021 16:00:00 +0000 https://webeclair.com/the-trio-pledged-to-break-the-atlantic-rowing-record-and-raise-money-for-cancer-research/
Born in Invercargill, Abby Johnston (right) and two other women, Kathryn Cordiner (left) and Charlotte Irving, hope to set a world record in rowing across the Atlantic, while raising funds for research against the cancer.

Cancer Research UK / Supplied

Born in Invercargill, Abby Johnston (right) and two other women, Kathryn Cordiner (left) and Charlotte Irving, hope to set a world record in rowing across the Atlantic, while raising funds for research against the cancer.

You’d be hard pressed to find a chapter on shark watching in your average rowing manual, but that’s exactly what you need to do when your teammate scratches barnacles on Dolly Parton’s hull in the middle of the Atlantic. .

Such tasks will have to be done every five days when Abby Johnston, born in Invercargill, and two other women, Kathryn Cordiner and Charlotte Irving, leave the Canary Islands for Antigua. Their 7-meter ocean rowing boat, named after the American country singer, must be free of critters and debris as they tilt at the crossing record for a female trio.

Hoping to cover the 4,828-kilometer journey in less than 49 days, the UK-based team dubbed ‘ExtraRAMEdinaire ‘ will start with 30 other crews in December as part of the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge.

“Stupidity” is Johnston’s response, when asked the rowing coach what motivated the adventure.

* Amputee Lee Spencer crosses the Atlantic Ocean in record time
* Isaac Giesen becomes the first Kiwi to cross the Atlantic alone
* Meet the new Kiwi sailors who set out to cross the Atlantic
* Coronavirus: All at sea when the Covid-19 virus struck
* Rowing cousin in the 4,800 km Atlantic race in memory of Matt Coley

“I guess you’re still thinking ‘what’s the most extreme thing you can do in your sport? “”

Compassion drives the trio too – Cordiner was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2019. Last year he was told he was terminally ill. They got together three charities against cancer, for whom they hope to raise £ 100,000 (NZ $ 194,886).

Burnout will be one of the biggest challenges the crew of the Dolly Parton will face, as they will alternate on a schedule that includes one pair of oars and one off at some point. They will work at a rate of two hours of rowing and a one hour break.

They will face the hot weather, the food and the monotonous landscapes and the big swells.

Abby Johnston says she and her comrades will have to cover the 4,828 kilometers between the Canary Islands and Antigua in less than 49 days to break the record.

Cancer Research UK / Supplied

Abby Johnston says she and her comrades will have to cover the 4,828 kilometers between the Canary Islands and Antigua in less than 49 days to break the record.

“It will be up to 40 degrees [Celsius], and we might encounter big storms – waves of 30 feet (9 m).

“We might not see other people the whole time we’re there. “

Apart from sharks, other marine species also posed a threat. In incidents called “marlin strike”, collisions between boats and marlins occurred several times during the last Talisker challenge. Johnston said the marlins chased small fish that followed the craft. Swimming at speeds above 100 km / h, a spear-shaped marlin’s beak can pierce the side of a kayak.

The three women are true adventurers in their own right, with a mix of experience and skills that will come in handy during the trip. Irving traveled the 4,184 km Pacific Crest Trail through Mexico, the United States and Canada, while Johnston and Cordiner cruised together in the Clipper Round the World Race. Irving and Johnston are also former rowing mates, representing Great Britain at age group level.

The crew’s preparations for the event were not spared by the Covid-19. Each of the women had to change their workout routine to suit their apartment during the UK shutdowns.

“It was a bit of a relief when the gyms reopened.”

The Covid could also have an impact on the end of their trip. Johnston has said she would like her Nelson, Antigua-based parents to welcome her ashore, but travel restrictions make that uncertain.

With the trio having done everything possible to prepare, they will ride a mixture of courage and luck to cross the Atlantic.

“I just hope we have a following wind,” said Johnston.

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Tiffany O’Donnell beats incumbent Brad Hart in Cedar Rapids mayoral race https://webeclair.com/tiffany-odonnell-beats-incumbent-brad-hart-in-cedar-rapids-mayoral-race/ https://webeclair.com/tiffany-odonnell-beats-incumbent-brad-hart-in-cedar-rapids-mayoral-race/#respond Fri, 01 Oct 2021 23:51:26 +0000 https://webeclair.com/tiffany-odonnell-beats-incumbent-brad-hart-in-cedar-rapids-mayoral-race/

Left to right: Cedar Rapids mayoral candidates, Mayor Brad Hart, TrueNorth leader Amara Andrews, and Iowa Women’s chief change officer Tiffany O’Donnell appear on August 26 at the ‘a panel of mayors from the Professional Women’s Network of Eastern Iowa Cedar Rapids at Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids. . (Jim Slosiarek / The Gazette)

CEDAR RAPIDS – As the only other candidate to rise to the challenge of Cedar Rapids Mayor Brad Hart to his three rivals to share who funds their campaigns weeks before a legal deadline demands it, the CEO of Women Lead Change Tiffany O’Donnell on Friday reported raising nearly twice as much as Hart, the incumbent, so far in the competitive election.

Hart’s disclosure of his information, promised in a virtual forum hosted by The Gazette, was his effort to show “broad local support” and appeal to all political parties. His campaign urged other mayoral candidates to “join them in being fully transparent with voters by posting donor information” from January 1 to September 30 by October 8. The deadline set by the state for applicants to file information is October 28. five days before the November 2 elections.

Donations to Brad Hart Campaign through Gazette online on Scribd

O’Donnell followed suit on Friday, but TrueNorth executive Amara Andrews said on Friday she would not share this information with voters sooner than necessary.

The two candidates at Thursday’s forum argued over their partisan political ties. Hart, seeking to emphasize that the election is non-partisan, has pledged to publicly publish his campaign contributions.

Another candidate for mayor, Myra Colby Bradwell, a Quaker Oats employee, said he does not fundraise and has not filed documents with the Iowa Campaign Ethics and Disclosure Board .

Tiffany O’Donnell campaign donors through Gazette online on Scribd

“The mayor and council play a non-partisan role,” Hart said at the forum Thursday. “It means we don’t run or serve as Democrats, Republicans and that’s what makes us effective. I am really proud of the support I have received from this community, and I have not requested or received money from any political party or anyone representing political interests or parties outside of Cedar Rapids or the Iowa. Knowing who supports each of our applicants is important to Cedar Rapidians.

So far, O’Donnell said he has raised $ 113,285 from 262 contributions. The majority came from Cedar Rapids, and nearly 50 contributions totaling $ 16,775 came from other communities in Iowa, many of which were in the Corridor. From non-state contributors, she raised $ 5,850 with three contributions from Florida; two from California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana and Texas; and one from Arizona, Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nevada and South Carolina.

Hart said he has raised $ 62,780 from 192 donors so far. Most came from Cedar Rapids and 25 contributions totaling $ 5,740 came from other cities in Iowa, including several in the metro area. Of his out-of-state contributions, which totaled $ 6,600, two were from Florida and one each came from California, Colorado, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Texas and Wisconsin.

Hart said in a statement on Friday: “I guess no one has anything to hide and all of the candidates in this race will follow this move for more transparency in local races.”

The position of mayor of Cedar Rapids brings in about $ 39,000 a year.

The information Hart and O’Donnell provided on Friday is unofficial. Candidates for city council and mayor must file an official report with the state if they have raised or spent more than $ 1,000. Financial disclosures covering the campaign season through the 10th day before the Nov. 2 election are due to the Iowa Campaign Ethics and Disclosure Board on Oct. 28.

By the time the filing deadline approaches, advance mail and in-person voting will have already been underway for the election. Early voting begins October 13 – about two weeks before the deadline.

O’Donnell, who immediately accepted Hart’s offer to share the information at Thursday’s forum and challenged others to do the same, said “my money comes from individuals – not PACs, companies or parties “.

“Mayor Hart, I appreciate this and if you’re willing to do it, I will do the same,” O’Donnell said Thursday. “I can also release my donors tomorrow, and I would challenge the other candidates to do so. … I never thought I would be sitting here as a mayoral candidate, and I’m not a politician – I don’t want to be. I am a person who believes in my city and I want to do my part to make it a better place.

Opposing Andrews, O’Donnell said in the forum that “I am someone who, unlike Ms Andrews, is not beholden to a political party. I did not receive any money from EMILY’s list, ”referring to Andrews’ endorsement by a political action committee that aims to help elect Democratic candidates for abortion rights . “I have not received any money from any Republican group.”

O’Donnell told The Gazette on Friday that transparency is important to her and that people need to know where support for the campaign is coming from, especially in a local election. She noted that her donors come from “all walks of life, all political persuasions”.

“Transparency in all things is important to me,” said O’Donnell. “It’s a great indicator – if you want to know how I’m going to run the city, it’s a good indicator of how I’m going to do it. … I look forward to the opportunity to share who my supporters are.

Andrews is posing as a progressive candidate and in fundraising emails he has linked O’Donnell to Republican politicians. A statement from his campaign said:

“Our campaign received contributions from Cedar Rapidians in every quadrant. We have also received contributions from friends and family across the country. Our campaign will follow the rules set out by the Iowa Campaign Ethics and Disclosure Board and file our contribution reports ”on October 28.

Asked about the implication that her fundraising came from groups outside the state and whether that contributed to the decision not to release information now, the Andrews campaign said: “We are proud of the support that we have received so far from friends near and far. This is what happens when you present a progressive and inclusive vision for the community: you get buy-in from people who have seen their city change for the better , or who are inspired and hope their community can change too. I carry the hopes and dreams of many voices that have not been heard for a very long time, and I am incredibly grateful to have their trust.

Bradwell, formerly known as Gregory Hughes, said his campaign was a local effort. “I don’t fundraise,” he said. “I’m not trying to make money. I tell people all the time, “You really want to help me, vote for me and get five people to vote. I think you’re going to see a big change… You can see right now that we have three people fighting Democrats and Republicans. It’s a Cedar Rapids question, it’s a non-partisan question, but yet they’ll want to argue about whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, whatever. You have to think of Cedar Rapids and the people here.

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