Business Coach and Author Helping Women Make More Money

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan – Rachel Rodgers is the CEO of “Hello Seven,” a company that helps women make more money. The topic is particularly timely at the moment given that measures to tackle COVID-19 have disproportionately harmed women’s careers at a much higher rate than men’s, studies continue to show.

Rodgers’ first book, “We Should All Be Millionaires,” which she started at the start of the pandemic, just released this month and touches on many of her company’s ideas and best practices.

“How to create wealth, not only through entrepreneurship, but also through professional efforts. I teach women in this book how to negotiate for a higher salary, how to start a secondary activity. How to invest, ”Rodgers told Fox 17.

She advocates for women to make more “million dollar decisions,” which includes setting limits and distributing domestic work more evenly around the home.

“That’s why you see what you see in this pandemic. Women are the home schoolers. They do all the housework and try to keep up with the work. So managing a toddler while you are working full time is not an easy thing to do and that responsibility falls almost exclusively on women, ”explained Rodgers, adding,“ Taking some of that mental load off is sure to go. liberate women. and allow us to look more towards our money and really see the financial opportunities.

The Grand Rapids-based organization “Bridges in technology»Help women and women of color learn more about technology. Freeing up personal time to join organizations like this is what Rodgers hopes more women can find time to do.

Rodgers says women need to focus on earning more and realize that nothing bad will result.

“Sadly, the message most media sends to women is, ‘Stop buying lattes, cut coupons, stop being a shopaholic,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers says more women should avoid the acronym “BAD,” which stands for “Broke A ## Decisions.”

“The reality is that no one gets rich and no one becomes a millionaire by cutting costs,” Rodgers said. “Studies show that if you save your way to a million, it will take you on average 32 years, which is basically your entire career, rather than if you start focusing on your earning potential at work or as a as an entrepreneur, it will happen in about seven years. “

She says investing in yourself can pay immediate dividends, whether it’s through a business event or a hands-on investment, like eliminating the weekly burden of laundry or other household chores.

“When you can use a deposit service and $ 40 later, your laundry is done and delivered folded to you and you get a full day’s return,” Rodgers said. “Not just to work but to rest. To recuperate so that you can come home on Monday ready to kill at work instead of feeling scruffy like a lot of women are feeling right now. It’s the moves we make that are really leading. to much more richness, without cutting the slats.

For more information on the company or Rodgers’ book, visit his website Hello Seven.

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