Black Women Are Not Getting Quality Feedback At Work And It’s Affecting Their Earnings

Performance reviews can be daunting, but they are meant to assess how to maximize your employee as an employee. According to a new study however, black women do not get the most out of the review process due to potential internal biases.

Textio, a language software company, released the findings of a report indicating that for every non-actionable comment received by white men under 40, black women received 8.8 comments. Other minorities, like Latina women and black men, were likely to receive “low quality” comments as opposed to actionable comments that included pointed examples and advice.

“It validates the experiences that black women report having in the workplace,” Textio CEO and co-founder Kieran Snyder told Forbes. “To me as a business leader, that means when people heighten these kinds of concerns about bias in the workplace, you believe them and you take the individual case seriously.”

Additionally, she said she believes the survey results indicate the unconscious biases that arise in the performance appraisal process.

The results also highlighted that women are more likely to be seen as opinionated and combative, while men are labeled as ambitious and confident. Additionally, 8% of blacks and 14% of Latinos were described as ambitious, compared to 39% of whites and 57% of Asians. 12% of blacks were considered easy to work with, compared to 41% of whites.

This is partly due to a lack of inclusive work environments, so some racial groups are painted in broad strokes when in predominantly white spaces.

“The initial part is about representation and diversity,” Snyder told Forbes. “Well guess what? If you get there and you don’t have fair systems in place, you’re probably even worse off than before…. You’re not providing them with opportunities to learn, grow, to succeed, to prosper in your organization.

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