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The Fairfield Glade Member-Member 2021 golf tournament played August 14-15 ended after more than three hours of late rain and must have ended in darkness two days in a row.

The overall winners for women are Tina Bezek and Cathy Tipton.

Bad weather and darkness did not allow all male flights to play on both days, so only the winners of the flights received their prizes and there was no overall winner.

The current tournament committee members have completed their three-year engagement and a new committee has agreed to take over for next year’s tournament.

The Fairfield Glade Member-Member Golf Tournament would not be possible without the support of the Sponsors:

Platinum – Heating and cooling action; Dave Kirk Automobile; First National Bank of Tennessee; Peavine wine and liquor; Servpro of Cumberland, Morgan and White counties

Gold – Atlas Homes Tennessee; Reference physical therapy; Cherokee drink; Cumberland Eye Care; Cumberland Medical Center; City of food; Houses in Zurich

Money – Auto repair A-1; Advanced termite and pest control; Best friends veterinarian; Better Homes & Gardens / Gwin Realty; Boyd Eye Care; Buckeye Medical Equipment; Clearview closet and blind; Crawford Family Chiropractic; Wholesale Crossville rugs; Crye-Leike Brown Realty; Forte is in the square; Insurance Gernt; Learning Center of the Golf Capital; Society of the Good Samaritan; Hot springs spa; Jeff Woods Construction; JP Nascar; Mayberry’s house completes; Ivy J. Gardner; Esq .; Merle Norman Cosmetics & Boutique; RW Baird; Tastykake / Flowers Bakery; Tim & Sue Tewalt; The Dogwalk Resort & Spa; Weichert Realty / Webb agency; Witt Financial Group

The end results are:

Vol 1 Woman Low Gross – Suzanne Clarksean / Suzanne Rhodes, first; Nancy Harper / Rhonda Huddleston, second; Chris Kencitzski / Jean Kraft, third; Brenda Davis / Cindy Shelton, fourth; and Judy Wilson / Renee Guenther, fifth.

Women’s Flight 1 Low Net – Carol Soucie / Frances Hopp, premiere; Judy Rich / Rebecca Leeper, second; Donna Harper / Vera Collins, third; Angie Stanton / Sheryl Vorst, fourth; and Young-Boon Cantey / Yong Chagnon, fifth.

Women Flight 2 Low Gross —Ellen Piersol / Janis Gifford, premiere; Ginger Edwards / Melanie Fawbush, second; Cynthia Hartlieb / Lori Bahr, third; Donna Walters / Sandra Inman; and fifth, Dale Renton / Jeani Miller

Women’s Flight 2 Low Net – Julie Bockman / Lauri Speckmann, premiere; Patricia Arbuckle / Tammy Tubandt, second; Chris Shumate / Joyce Stackhouse, third; Joanie Boggan / Juliana Kratt, fourth; Linda Lebreux / Mary Nagy, fifth.

Women Flight 3 Low Gross – Kathleen Laulette / Parmela Shoemaker, premiere; Pat McKissick / Patricia Poulin, second; Margaret Lukoskie / Suzanne Orris, third; Judi Kaines / Pat Hendershot, fourth; and Kay Bathurst / Susan Knutson, fifth.

Women’s Flight 3 Low Net Pat Schudiske / Sharon Bush, premiere; Jackie Baker / Sherry Stanley, second; Sue Godfrey / Mary Snell, third; Diana Ackling / Sally Grant, fourth; and Delores Nannini / Janet Cellio, fifth.

Men’s Flight 4 Low Net – Terry Levix / Tim Sweborg, first; Calvin Smart / Tim Driggs, second; James Morrison / Tim Rich, third; Rich Tolly / William Thurn, fourth; and Ken Neyens / Mike Suppa, fifth.

Men’s Flight 5 Low Net – Gary Burleson / John Lapsley, first; David Groat / James Dunnigan, second; Michael Stalder / Ron Keith, third; Bob Grossi / Osmund Fundingsland, fourth; and Jim Edwards / Scott Maher, fifth.

Men’s Flight 6 Low Net – Charlie Fields / Donald Higgins, first; Kevin Freeman / Richard Morales, second; Dwight Lynn / Jack Speckman, third; Charles Wilson / Coy Watson, fourth; and Richard Orna / Russell Fink, fifth.

Men’s Flight 7 Low Net – Michael Day / Richard Diem, first; Jason Wilt / John Frey, second; Joe Klein / Mike Eelbode, third; Al Love / David Allstaedt, fourth; and Jeff Devers / Larry McNamara, fifth.

Men’s Flight 8 Low Net – Frederick Vanklaveren / Rickie Keyes, first; Danny Huber / Roger Hardin, second; Craig Burns / George Vokey, third; Jeff Powell / Scott Tubandt, fourth; and Dan O’reilly / Scott Carson, fifth.

Men’s Flight 9 Net – Dion Pike / Steve Markel, first; Bruce Pylant / Tim Lynch, second; Gary Fitch / Raymond Kellogg, third; John Schornack / Lou Poulin, fourth; and Frank Pipino / Richard Woltz, fifth.

Men’s Flight 10 Net – Danny Yerby / Jeffery Olig, first; Michael Fred / Robert Carey, second; Daniel Larisey / Julian Cheng, third; Gary Kitchen / Glenn Alter, fourth; and Lee Pedigo / Patrick Hanrahan, fifth.

Men’s Flight 11 Net – Dan Friel / Chuck Hennessee, first; Darrel O’Neil / Robert VanSickle, second; Charles Warden / Robert Weaver, third; John Jacobs / Vernon Hunkele, fourth; and Tommy Rossiter / William Hughes, fifth.

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