8 founding women who are making waves in healthcare

Women are still vastly under-represented as leaders in most fields, including healthcare and entrepreneurship. Here are eight women who face institutional hurdles in solving health challenges as the business founders of Inc’s 2021 Most Inspirational Women List.

1. Jennifer Ernst, Tivic Santé

Founded in 2016, the bioelectronics health company created an FDA-approved sinus pain and congestion relief product using drug-free technology.

2. Ann Crady Weiss, Hatch

To combat insomnia and restless sleep in adults and children, Ms. Weiss founded Hatch, which offers smart sleep assistants that help families get to bed and sleep through the night.

3. Mary Ray, MyHealthTeams

With 2.75 million members, the platform connects chronically ill patients, building social support networks and fighting misinformation by providing evidence-based medical information.

4. Ariela Safira, Real

To break the mold of traditional and inaccessible mental health treatments, Ms. Safira created Real, an affordable, on-demand platform that offers mental health and wellness care for a variety of pathways.

5. Tia Lyles-Williams, LucasPye Bio

A biotech industry veteran, Ms. Lyles-Williams launched LucasPye Bio to make biotherapeutic drugs more affordable while nurturing new talent through a built-in accelerator. Its C Suite exceeds industry standards, with 50 percent of the seats occupied by women and 85 percent by people of color.

6. West Ellington, Sonavi Laboratories

Sonavi Labs uses technology powered by artificial intelligence to diagnose a range of respiratory conditions. The Feelix device works by listening to the sounds of the patient’s body and can then identify abnormalities.

7. Michelle Longmire, Médable

As a practicing physician and researcher, Ms. Longmire realized that the process of recruiting study subjects for clinical trials would be more efficient if it was put online. The pandemic has made his business essential for the pharmaceutical industry to continue to conduct trials.

8. Afton Vechery, modern fertility

The company aims to democratize fertility data, which can be expensive without insurance. Customers can order take home hormone test kits and have doctors review the results.

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