30-year-old man gets “unspeakable” assaults on three women in the summer of 2016

Before announcing on Tuesday the fate of a man who attracted, violently beaten and undertook to rape three women in the summer of 2016, a federal judge had only one question on the “almost inhuman conduct” of the man .

US District Judge Harry Leinenweber asked the man, “Is there any explanation?

Keith Dewitt Davis simply answered “no sir”.

Moments later, Leinenweber sentenced Davis, 31, to 30 years in prison, calling his crimes “inexplicable” and “almost unspeakable in their brutality”. Two of Davis’ victims had pleaded during their attacks that they were mothers, court records show.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Abigail Peluso also read a victim impact statement, which said Davis “stole my soul.” She said she had thought of going home with her daughters when she was raped in June 2016.

“How can I get home safely?” The woman said in her statement. “I can’t leave them. And then it clicked. Let him do it. Do whatever he wants. Because I can handle it. Don’t die on them.

Steven Saltzman, Davis’ defense attorney, admitted his client had committed “serious crimes.” But he also said Davis “had a life filled with trauma that pushed him in the wrong direction.”

Before learning of his sentence, Davis apologized to the victims and said: “I have no one to blame except myself.”

Davis pleaded guilty in May 2019 to the attacks on the three women. They took place in Calumet City in June, July and August 2016.

On June 27, 2016, Davis called his first victim to hire him for sex after viewing an ad on Backpage.com. The two arranged to meet, and Davis took her to an empty house in the 500 block of Hirsch Avenue. When she tried to leave after asking Davis for money, he punched her in the right eye.

The woman told Davis to “be cool” and “relax”. She asked him not to hurt her and told him that she had children. But Davis told her to “shut up”, hit her again, told her he had a gun and raped the woman.

Davis later responded to another woman’s ad on Craigslist.com, and they met on July 10 in the 600 block of Price Avenue. After the woman parked near the back of a house and rolled down her window, Davis held a handgun to the side of her head, punched her in the face, dragged her into a empty house and ordered him to go downstairs to the basement.

Davis then hit and raped the woman, telling her, “Keep going before I blow your brains out.”

Finally, on August 9, 2016, Davis made arrangements to meet another woman in the 600 block of Price Avenue after viewing her ad on Backpage.com. This woman walked away before entering the house because Davis refused to give her any money. But Davis continued to call and text him. A few days later, she agreed to meet Davis in the 600 block of Hirsch Avenue.

They entered a garage, where Davis put a metal pipe against the woman’s head, said, “B —-, don’t move”, and punched the woman several times on the head and the body. chest. The woman begged for her life, said she had children, and eventually managed to escape.

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